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Online communities offer a place where people are not judged by their appearance or social class.  Instead, people are viewed just by the words that they write.  In cyberspace, all racial, social, and ethnic boundaries are broken.  Everyone has a voice and free speech truly reins supreme.  Below are two online communities to provide an opportunity to meet new friends and talk to old ones.  By joining one of the communties below one can discuss a wide variety of subjects that are of concern to you and others like yourself.

Under the Bridge

     This is BeHeard's general forum, a meeting place for open discussion, where you can post any type of thoughts you may have.  You also have the chance to read and reply to the things that people have posted.  It is totally open, so go ahead and speak your mind!  To get to this page just click on the title above.

The Bathroom Wall

      This is Beheard's more specific forum and realtime chatroom.  Here you can make your own discussion groups and talk about specific things you have feelings about.  You are welcome to create a chat and speak about something to a live audience and receive instant feedback.  So please try it out!  Just click the title above.



Project Site, Honors Composition 102, Fall 1999

Project Site 2, Composition 102, Spring 2000

1999-2000 Clemson University First Year Composition
Dr. Christine Boese, assistant professor




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