"I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations."
-exceprt from Ginsberg's "America"

Without research, any in-depth assignment is not only inappropriate, but also quite difficult.  So before we could begin creating anything tangible (so to speak), we had to, as a class, dig out any available information on the poor, or homeless writing centers.  At first this may have seemed a relatively easy task.

There were obviously plenty of on-line organizations that help the poor and homeless, including ReliefNet, World Bank, or ActionAid.  But as we began seeing our goal more clearly, these sources would provide us no help.  We found instead that we wanted to deal with society's oppressed directly, rather than seeking a donation from the more fortunate members of society.  There were enough organizations that did that already.  Following the example of a program called the Neighborhood Writing Alliance, we set out to look for more information on establishments that help the homeless show their own experiences in and feelings for a life that none of us had ever known.

Despite our previous setbacks with on-line poverty organizations, the Internet still seemed like the obvious place to keep looking, and the Journal of Ordinary Thought (JOT) and Tedrico's Home Page turned out to be two of the first helpful programs to rear their heads at us.  The Tedrico's and the Journal's blunt but realistic style helped make clear to us that we must be careful in the tone and vocabulary with which we address the homeless.  Eventually, we were able to find and narrow down useful websites that we could use, including search engines, free e-mail, and free homepage websites in addition to homeless resources.;index

The school library then seemed like the second place to look for the information we needed.  Unfortunately, as we later found out, not much was there to be found.

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