Doing It

"I'd better get right down to the job."
-excerpt from Ginsberg's "America"

Having a semi-clear picture of what our end result would be, we immediately went to work.  At first, it appeared that we would only create a tool that the homeless and poor could use to get more connected with technology, and thus society.  But we soon decided that we could not only help the financially less fortunate, but also those who had no experience with using the new on-line medium.  With this new idea in mind, we would create a resource for the homeless and a powerful tool for anyone who needed it.  An on-line tutorial would provide all "newbies" in general with information on search engines, e-mail, homepages, on-line myths, and other aspects of the Internet; in the mean time, we would still provide useful links to places on the web that could give poverty help to anyone who needed it.

I added some pages to the project3 folder on the Share Drive. Let me know
how you like them.

                                                                John (1:23 pm, 11-3-99)

About a week ago, I posted a bunch of NetAid-like sites because I thought it was part of our journal assignment.  Now knowing what our project assignment is and where we are somewhat headed, I find that most of the sites I listed have little or no value to us.  They all seemed to be by charitable organizations and directed towards other large organizations.  They are too hard for a homeless person to navigate and benefit from.  Anyways, here's a much more narrowed-down list of sites with descriptions.

index cards:

If You Are Homeless or May Become Homeless.  The National Coalition for the Homeless.  03 Nov. 1999

        description: "This page provides information that may be helpful for people
          who are homeless or who may become homeless. It was created
          in response to the growing number of emails NCH receives
          from people who are facing homelessness or who are already

        value to us: great page directed towards the homeless!!  Includes: Sources of Help, Things to Do if You
        May Become Homeless in a Few Days, and Things to Do if You May Become Homeless in a Few

The Center for Poverty Solutions.  Home page.  The Center for Poverty Solutions.  03 Nov. 1999

        description: "The Center for Poverty Solutions, formed in 1998 by a merger of the Maryland Food
        Committee and Action for the Homeless, is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to eliminating
        the root causes of poverty through public policy, education, research, direct service programs and
        community mobilization."

        value to us: we could help make our site known to the homeless through the help of organizations like
        this.  Their Resource Library" is open to low-income, homeless and hungry Marylanders, as well as
        service providers and students, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00am - 5:00pm."
        Perhaps personal contacts would help us out or we could make flyers and send them to places like
        these.  Also, the Adopt A Shelter program offers on-line presentations.  Although the program seems to
        be localized to Maryland, we may get good ideas for our project by looking at what others have done.
        Also, maybe they could link us from their page.

Stand up, and be counted!.  Home page.  World Homeless Union.  03 Nov. 1999

        description: Web Ring

        value to us:  Could join link our site for free, publicity through the message board, great links (will
        explore later.)

ReliefNet.  Home page.  EarthWeb, Inc.  03 Nov. 1999.  <>.

        description: non-profit organization dedicated to helping humanitarian organizations raise global
        awareness and encourage support for relief efforts via the Internet.

        value to us: minimal;  There is no charge to the relief organizations to participate in ReliefNet nor is
        there any charge to them for accepting pledges via ReliefNet.  However, The requirements to participate
        may be hard to meet.

I believe that these are the most useful sites I was able to find.  I went back through any others I had mentioned in posts and decided that a large majority of them were not appropriate for our project goals.
 -Adam (12:04 am, 11-4-99)

       One thing that I've been thinking about a lot the past week or two as
we've been discussing Project 3 and what it entails is the question of
why.  Why exactly are we making web page that will help poor people be
integrated into technology so that they can have a literary voice that the
Internet can facilitate?  I know that this seems like a very antagonistic
and skeptical question as to our own motives, but I believe it to be a
valid one, one that we really need to answer before we proceed too far with
our project and web page.

Reasons show through in methods.  If we are simply in this so that we can
get some recognition on a resume of ours sometime in the future, then it
will show through the way we write the web site.  I love the idea of the no
bull policy, and I think that one way we can take that idea even further is
to link the gif of the bull to a page that really explains what our true
motivations are.  The impact that this site has in giving others a literary
voice and confidence depends highly on the type of information and tools of
technology that we provide them with, but there's something else that's
really easy to miss.

I don't know if any of you guys have seen the movie Patch Adams, but the
basic theme of the movie was that a doctor's responsibility was to care for
the entire person so that they can get well, not necessarily just the
physical part.  In many ways, I think our site can do both, not only
provide the homeless with a know-how about technology, but it can also
provide them with a sense of confidence, knowing that they're important
enough for other people to serve selflessly, with the success of the
homeless as our only incentive and motivation.

So now that I've stepped up and preached from my high horse, what do you
guys think.  The most practical way that I think that this does apply is in
the tone of our writing, like we were talking about last class, as well as
a page that tells our users straight up why we're trying to help them out,
just so they know that it's not one of those things that really is "too
good to be true."  What do you guys think?
 -Joel (12:26 pm, 11-4-99)

OK ... I'm gonna be technologically out of touch this weekend ... my aunt
does not have an internet hook up ... however, I'll try to get as much work
done as I can ... so Joel, what type of template letter would you like me
to get started on?  As in ... who am I writing to and for what
purpose?  Cause it seems to me as if there are several template letters
that need writing.  So let's divide it up ... you tell me what you think
about that ... Matt and Justin ... the project page will probably have to
wait a little while, until we have some information to document, but we can
aim to have a start on that by the end of next week, depending on what the
other parts of the project get done by then.  So try and let me know what I
need to get done while I'm out of touch this weekend, ok?  Thanks!

Jen (2:03 pm, 11-4-99)

Here is a list of search engines for the tutorial.  If you know of any others, please email them to me, and I would appreciate any opinions you have on any of these search engines:

Netscape Search

Thanks, Nick (2:30 pm, 11-4-99)

yes, there are a variety of templates that we need to work on.  If you could get started on the one to write to the mayors of cities in order to see if they have an organization like street wise in their city, that'd be great.  Then you can simply email it to me the first of next week.  Thanks.
Joel (2:42 pm, 11-4-99)


Don't worry too much about doing anything on the project web page. Right now
there isn't much that can be done. Next week, say on Tuesday, we can start
collecting material for the project page. First of all, we need to get some
stuff together. Not much you can do right now, so have fun at your aunt's.

Justin (6:02 pm, 11-4-99)

I would appreciate it if you would post the word document that we did today in class. I took some notes, but that list would really be helpful. Thanks

Justin (8:01 pm, 11-4-99)

Hey guys and gals, you might want to check this site out for ideas. Tedrico's home page has a lot of what we are looking to do. Some of you might be able to get a rough idea of what you might want to do. Don't pay attention to the wording on the page because I don't think that we want to use this kind of tone. On the other hand, this page was set up by a former homeless person. It has some interesting sections that you might want to look at John. This page also has a forum for you to look at as well Chris. Just some ideas if any of you are having trouble getting started. If anyone is getting stuck, drop me a line and I'll see if I can get you some extra help.

Justin (8:06 pm, 11-4-99)

Hey Everyone:

For some reason tonight my internet isn't working....I can't get to the
Internet to access any cool graphics and other things. I'll keep trying
tonight to get it to work, so I can get at least a little work done on the
project--and I'll post some things about some ideas for the tutorial and
graphics design.

Also, I'm going out of town this weekend, either home or DC. If I go home I
will have full Internet access and Eudora too--if I go to DC I won't be
able to get online at all until Sunday evening. If anyone needs to get in
contact with me this weekend, just leave me an email and I'll try to get
back with you ASAP.

Have a great weekend everyone!
-smiles 'n hugs to go around-

Ama (10:03 pm, 11-4-99)

It's not just you, Ama.  I haven't been able to get on for nearly three
hours.  I think Joel said he couldn't get on either.  It's probably the
server that's down.

Matt B. (10:12 pm, 11-4-99)

        I re-did all the pages so they fit on larger resolution. This should solve
most of our problems. If anyone checks them in a library. Let me know. I can
write some Javascript for it if I have to make it a standard side.

                                                                Web-God (10:25 pm, 11-4-99)

Hey Everyone,

        I have been fiddling around with some JavaScript code, I think I'm close to
making it so that our pages will be able to check the resolution of a
monitor and adjust itself to fit it. That way we won't have too many problem
with worrying about the low resolutions of different monitors.

                                                                Joh (5:47 pm, 11-5-99)


        I have some JavaScript that means that every user who visitor that visits
our site sends us an e-mail, therefore we can monitor it. Do you think this
is too sneaky, or should we explore its possibilities.

                                                                        John (5:47 pm, 11-5-99)

     Michael Kay is interface developer for Wired Digital. He develops
interfaces and changes the water bottle.

This is on:

                                                                Web God (5:56 pm, 11-5-99)


        Any suggestions for the Title of the Homepage for our Project?

                                                                Web God (6:02 pm, 11-5-99)


        I have been working on a graphic for the top of the site. Just to describe
it. If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.

                                                Web God (6:19 pm, 11-5-99)

Site Designers-

        If you are using an apostrophe use this code &#146; instead of hiting the
apostrophe key. That means type in &#146; instead of hitting the apostrophe
key. It is the sign of an inexperienced developer to have a straight
apostrophe, and we don't want to portay that.

                                                Web God (6:49 pm, 11-5-99)


        I posted a first draft of the homepage. Any suggestions? Let me know.

                                                Web God (7:10 pm, 11-5-99)


        For here on in...all webpages will be done in Arial Helvettica, unless
otherwise specified.

                                                                        Web God (10:33 pm, 11-7-99)

 After looking at John's preliminary site, here are a few suggestions from
the Graphics Department (feel free to give me feedback on some of these
ideas as well)

The buttons look a little boring, so I'm going to work on getting some
really cool and different looking ones. How about some pictures that are
associated with the links and use them to link to the other pages--Comments
or Suggestions?

I like the title--I think a lot of people will identify with the problems
our site will address and won't be intimidated by our site if they see that
it IS for "real people," not "compubrains."

The Information Super-Highway should maybe be written bigger, in some great
font and maybe white so it stands out...or a light pastel purple to match
the purple of the buttons.
I like the color scheme--I suggested to John a Clemson scheme or maybe a
green one because green is kind of a nonthreatening color.

Looks good so far.

AmaTrauma (10:36 pm, 11-7-99)

Hey John. Here are some more web resources and a short description as well as what they might be used for.

Global Homeless Network
-this page has access to a webring consisting of homeless sites. Provides an extensive collection of web resources for the destitute. Many sites are more geared for social workers than for the homeless.
-within 24 hours, groups with pages concerning the homeless can join the webring.
-this website can be used to initiate contact with a number of various organizations. Also could provide exposure to an already established online community consisting of our target audience.
Tedricoís home page's+Page%3A+Homelessness,+Hitchhiking,+Panhandling,+and+Homeless+Programs&top=
 This page contains extensive archives and online resources for the homeless community. Target audience is the homeless, not social workers. Written by a former homeless person. Access to health, education, food, shelter, and job related issues; where to obtain them and how to get the service. Also contains pictures and interviews with various homeless people. Contains an open forum like the one we are proposing. Many parts of this site may be used as a guide for our site.

Sorry about the incredibly long url. I tried looking at the source, but to no avail. Believe it or not, that was as short as I could get the url. Have a look and see if you could find any way to shorten the url. I don't really believe that it is that long. Anyway, there you go.
Justin (8:02 am, 11-8-99)
The resources that Justin has given to me have been posted to the project 3
website. However, I think it might be better that the resources page for our
public website be more along the lines of sites which the people themselves
might need. So...for now the resources site is blank. Maybe we could try and
decide which websites would help the real people the most? Stuff like
Hotmail and geocities should probably be there too. Let me know what you

                                                                Web God (12:33 pm, 11-8-99)

The site map as it stands now is attached. The tutorials will be added to
the tutorials folder and linked through that way. Once we know exactly which
things we are going to put on the site, it will be easier to make a more
complete site map.

                                                Web God (12:45 pm, 11-8-99)

I think John has a good idea. I think that the best way to decide the validity of a specific website would be best done by those of you that critiqued the website. So, if everyone would go through their index of websites and post a note as to which ones are geared toward the homeless I think we could start the page. This is not a high priority, so don't spend too much time or effort on it. Just concentrate on your assigned tasks. Again, if anyone is having any problems let me know.

Justin (12:48 pm, 11-8-99)


        On the Resources page I made the table with some key catergory words on it.
I don't know how we want that page structured. Do we want a page with links
on other things? Or do we want all the resources one page? Also, I made a
framset for the Tutorial section. I am not sure what type of navigation
buttons you want on that page. Do you like the ones I've used to this point?

        To Graphic Designers: Please think of some different navigation bars and
buttons to help for the site. A logo which could be put on the page would be
helpful also.

        As people get their tutorials written, start sending them to me and I will
be able to rearrange them into frames for use on the page.

        Any other web questions just let me know.

                                                Web God (2:24 pm, 11-8-99)

To all you SSMinnowians:

On the front page of the site I thought instead of buttons we could use
little thumbnail pictures that pertained to the link topic, along with a
little text next to the link. Also, I know it seems simple, but we might
want to include a little box or something at the end of the page that
explains how the user should click on the pictures in order to go to
another topic because someone who has no idea what a link is might not know
that the buttons/pictures/links are links that will jump them to another
page in the site. Let me know if you think this is a good idea so I can
work on the box--I'll make a pretty box that looks good and save it as an
image that John can then just insert at the bottom of the page. I'll also
work on a few ideas for that logo John mentioned.

Suggestions for other ideas--WELCOME!

AmaTrauma (2:55 pm, 11-8-99)

Included I have the updated site map. Also, here is the hexidecimal code for
the background color: #CC6600. If anyone has anything further on resources
or tutorials, let me know.

                                        Web God (4:00 pm, 11-8-99)

This is the one with the image map. Sorry

                                Web God  (4:01 pm, 11-8-99)

Since the project site cannot really be worked on until we have more of a
grasp on the actual web site, I am working on looking through all of the
site links that have been posted to SSMinnow thus far.  If anyone has any
sites that haven't been posted yet, do so.  I'll try to review them, and
hopefully by Thursday I might even have a little blurb for each of the ones
deemed useful.

Matt B. (4:51 pm, 11-8-99)

P.S.  The web site looks good so far guys.  The background color seems
fitting, and the tone sounds about right, especially in the title.

Lovely SSMinnowians:

I went home this weekend and had a long conversation with a few of my co-workers who know absolutely nothing about computers or the Internet. Here is a list of questions they asked me that would be great for the Myths/Realities section:

1. Are porn and crazy news the only things on the Internet?
2. If I use the Internet, will someone be watching everything I do?
3. Will everyone be out to get me and send me viruses and other bad things?
4. Is the Internet only for searching for things?
5. Can I find job opportunities on the Net?
6. Can I buy anything and everything I need, including groceries, off the Net?
7. If I give out any information about myself, will anyone be able to find it?
    Can people track me down and find out such information, including my phone #?
8. Is the Internet useful for my kids to use for school projects and other assignments?

That is just a short list....most of the people I talked to asked the same questions. They are mainly concerned about what kinds of opportunities are out there, as well as what types of securites there are to guard against invasion of privacy, stalking, etc.
-Ama (7:37 pm, 11-8-99)

As far as the Tutorial's a list of some of the topics we might want to address (Nick--email me with what specific topics you want me to write for the tutorial so I can help you out):

--What is the Internet?
--What do all those icons at the top of the screen mean?
--How do I go from one page/site to another?
--What is a link and how do I use it? (including how do I get back to where I started)
--What types of information can be found on the Net?
--What is a URL?
--What do some of the words mean? (like www, .com, .edu, .net, .org)
--What kind of free stuff is out there, including: Email, Homepages, Programs?
--How do I find information on the Net? What is a "search engine?"
--How do I use these search engines, and which are the best ones to use for detailed or broad info?

I'll come up with some more ideas as they come to me.
I hope this helps you out, Nick.

Ama (7:37 pm, 11-8-99)

Hey guys ... this is the template letter I worked on this weekend to send
to city mayors to gain more information regarding the city's homeless
programs and such.  Let me know what you think ... what I need to change
or add or take out.  How's my tone?  Appropriate for the
Audience???  Thanks a lot!  See everyone tomorrow :)

Jen (9:02 pm, 11-8-99)


I think your letter RAWKS!

Since you started the letter on a first person basis, I think it's better you do sign it with your name. Plus it'll make the mayor feel more like it's a personal request instead of a form letter, so he/she will be more likely to respond personally as well and give us more detailed info.

Gooood Goood work!

Peaches on Sundays,
Ama (12:10 am, 11-9-99)

Jen, I think your letter is well written. Concerning the address, I think the letter should be from you while mentioning your association with the honors 102 english class. Somewhat like when a company president signs a letter and then says "president". Do you get my drift. Also, I feel that we should use "less fortunate" rather than homeless. I'm not sure that the term "homeless centers" is politically correct either. You might want to change that to something else. For example, what does streetwise call their organization. Maybe something like an improvement center or something like that. Overall it is a good letter.

Justin (10:31 am, 11-9-99)

Actually Justin, wouldn't it be alright to say "homeless" and "homeless
centers" since we're addressing a city official, and not a homeless person

Matt B. (12:15 pm, 11-9-99)


       I have already gone through the sites I have posted to SSMinnow.  I know a
second opinion is always good, but you are probably wasting you're time if
you are going through the list of NetAid-like sites I posted a long time
ago.  These are pretty much global relief organizations.  I posted them
before when we only knew about NetAid and about Project three.
 -Adam (1:18 pm, 11-9-99)


So you've pretty much handled what we have so far?  That's fine, but I just wanted to be able to do something, since Jen and I couldn't really work on the project site yet.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have anything to do for Thursday.  We have to make sure that we include the sites for Geocities and Hotmail though.

Matt B. (1:29 pm, 11-9-99)

I think I agree with Matt ... I'm speaking to a city official, not trying
to talk with someone who is homeless ... so it might be ok for me to say
"homeless" as opposed to "less fortunate" which is somewhat general.  Let
me know what the rest of you think.


Jen (1:29 pm, 11-9-99)


I was impressed with your letter.  I agree with what Justin says in terms
of having the letter from you while mentioning your association with the
class.  This gives it a more personal quality.  A mayor or official might
be more compelled to reply to an interested, concerned individual rather
than some organization (he or she is probably swarmed by emails or letters
from groups like these). Also, I agree with Matt in terms of using
"homeless" and "homeless shelters," especially if you are planning to send
these over email.  It seems as if emails are less formal.  Even if you are
sending them as letters (snail-mail), the tone is appropriate using those

Adam (1:59 pm, 11-9-99)


I feel just about exactly the same according  to your letter.  It is direct but not too pushy and is sincere in what it asks.  I believe it is alright to say homeless, like Adam and Matt said, because you are addressing a public official.  So mention our class at the beginning, possible below your name or the address.  You might want to refer to easywriter for that...  But it is good.

Chris (2:37 pm, 11-9-99)

Should we perhaps ask if there are any homeless centers that are currently
teaching the homeless how to use the internet to their advantage?  This is
what our project is about, so maybe we should see if there is anyone out
there doing that.  Not sure if you guys want to do that, it's just an idea.
Jeromie Rand (3:10 pm, 11-9-99)

*** Joel, do you want to email me those addresses so that I can send the
template letter out from my email address??  And anything else you need me
to write or look up?  Let me know.  Everyone ... what do you think of the
added line at the end?  Is it too pushy?   ***
 -Jen (3:10 pm, 11-9-99)


Would it be a little bit better to start the last paragraph more along the
lines, "Although we understand the large volume of mail that you may
receive, a relatively quick response..."?  Just a suggestion.

Matt B. (3:14 pm, 11-9-99)

I don't think the last line is too pushy, but i think that matt's suggestion is a good one, and here are the email addresses for the mayors, along with their names.
joel (4:29 pm, 11-9-99)  (Wellington Webb) (Paul Schell)  (Susan Golding)  (Lee P. Brown) (ANTHONY M. MASIELLO)  (Bill Campbell)  (Pat McCrory)  (Bob Coble)  (Joe Riley)

Jen, the letter sounds good.  Instead of "I was hoping you might be able to
provide my class with some information regarding the homeless centers in your city," you could write: "I was hoping you might be able to assist my class by
providing some information regarding the homeless centers in your city."
I don't know if the word "assist" really makes a difference.  It might help
remind him that he would be helping us out, doing a good deed.  Change it
if you want, but don't worry about it; the letter sounds good as it is.
 -Adam (6:14 pm, 11-9-99)


Do we still need to go through everyone else's posted sites?  Or are we
just on the look out for new ones?  I think we need to put the Geocities
and Hotmail resource info in both the tutorial and resource list.  That
way, people can get to it while going through the tutorial, or access it
directly by going to the resource page.
 -Matt (6:33 pm, 11-9-99)

I think we still need to go through everyone else's sites.  Putting the Geocities and Hotmail links on both pages is a good idea.  Here's what I've gone through:

Chris posted these and I'm probably going to go through them tomorrow:

Here's some others from posts we need to go through: *this one is a little different, but I
thought it might provide some ideas ... **this has a list of
different topics and links to them ... also might help   This site contains links to over 450 sites with information on Homelessness. This HOMELESS archive area is intentionally "low" in graphics in order to facilitate its use by as many browsers as possible. Links that are only readable with graphic browsers are indicated. Large sections of the archive contain files accessible via ftp and gopher. This main page lists the major topical areas of the archives and related weblinks.
 -Adam (9:33 pm, 11-9-99)

I'll do a few of those sites if you want me to.  Just tell me which ones.

Matt (9:40 pm, 11-9-99)

This is actually last week's post, as I finally have something good to post
about the project.  I have a preliminary Myths vs. Fact page (I plan to add
more) that I want you guys to look at.  I have a few big questions to ask.
1) Is the language I used ok?  I'm still not sure if the people we're
trying to target this to are supposed to have extensive vocabularies.
2)  Are all the facts right?  The one I starred was what I wasn't sure
about.  3)  What can I add?  If you'll give me a general idea of a question
I'll right it up and answer it.  Just give me enough to think of some
misconceptions, I'll take care of the rest.

After I get some feedback I'll turn it into a web page, make it pretty, and
put it up.  See ya in class tomorrow.

P.S.  the faqs are attached as a word document
 -Jeromie (10:05 pm, 11-10-99)

I think that the idea for this line is good, but it could be re phrased to
sound better.  Tone is  all important in something like this if we expect
to get a response.  Perhaps something like:  As we are limited by the time
left in the semester, it would be helpful if you can send this information
as soon as you have time.  That "relatively quick response" part just
sounds like we're expecting him to jump at the opportunity to help us and
we're going to push our time schedule on him.

I understand that you are a very busy person and that the volume
of e-mails that you get on a daily basis is rather large, however, a
relatively quick
response would be appreciated as well, as the semester
has only a month left in it, and our project must be finished before then.

Jeromie Rand (10:41 pm, 11-10-99)

Here's some optional buttons for the index site..instead of the box buttons.

Let me know what you think--we could put the words like "Contact
Information" (in that cool rollover font that John made) under the buttons.

-Ama- (1:21 am, 11-11-99)

link to graphics

For the index site, I think it would be a good idea to put a box that tells
the user how to navigate through our site (e.g how to use the links, how to
use the buttons, etc.).
I created a webbox that is empty (I don't know what we want it to say just yet)

Here's the code we have to insert at the bottom of the page if we want to
use it --these things are NICE!

<script language="javascript"

Then all we have to do is add the text we want (it will be in Arial font).

Let me know if you like this idea, and I will add the text.

Ama (1:52 am, 11-11-99)

If anyone knows of a really good graphics program (for good layering...PSP
doesn't do a very good job) and image editing, let me know. (unless you
know of a better way with PSP and can teach me!)

Ama (10:16 am, 11-11-99)

Maybe a good name for our site (for our logo) would be RealNet or RealityNet???

What do you think?

Ama (10:43 am, 11-11-99)

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best graphics programs.  I can direct you to a site to find it if you would like that...
 -Chris (11:15 am, 11-11-99)


        I put Jeromie's FAQ and Myths up on a webpage. How does it look?

                                                                        Web God (11:40 am, 11-11-99)

Hey guys,
Here's somethin' you guys might wanna take a look at for the link to our
'no bull policy.'  John, you might wanna take special note of this.
Joel (12:05 pm, 11-11-99)

link to graphic

this is pretty cool :)  I like!!!

Jen (12:37 pm, 11-11-99)

I'm not going to email all of these to SS Minnow, but I sent out the
template letter to about ten different city mayors today :)  So that has

Jen (2:35 pm, 11-11-99)

Yer letter kicks ass!!
-Ama (3:00 pm, 11-11-99)

Since we picked our site to be called BeHeard, do we want our logo to say that?
-Ama (3:01 pm, 11-11-99)

That was the email template for the mayors, some of them have already been sent out to them.  I am sorry for the confusion.  We will not need stamps for these letters.  One thing I do need is a list of social workers and libraries that we could possibly email or snail mail.  I'll be looking on the web, but if the rest of the class could work on it as well, that'd be great too.
joel (3:23 pm, 11-11-99)

I think I want to get like, a seal-type looking it looks embossed..that way it will be kinda like a seal or stamp on all our pages so that everyone knows they're OURS.

I'll send ya my logo when I make it!!

Love the clouds 'n the sky 'n all the pretty RAINBOWS,
Ama (4:46 pm, 11-11-99)

Hey guys ... got something back already :) :)  Only, he refers us to a
website, because the address we had apparently was not McCrory himself ...
so Joel and I will look into this over the weekend.  But ... pretty cool :)

Jen (8:59 pm, 11-11-99)

Link to Wefley

Ama- I thought those buttons were a little hard to see.  The resolution
wasn't really good and it was hard to tell what they were.  Good ideas, though.
Jeromie Rand (11:52 pm, 11-11-99)

Another response ... :)

Jen (11:24 am, 11-12-99)

Link to Houston

I guess we are on the right track.  I mentioned this site in a post on 11/2.  Should I try to incorporate it on our resources page?

Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County, Inc.
Mentions an "information exchange" to serve the needs of the homeless
 -Adam (3:41 pm, 11-12-99)

I'm going to try and finish the tutorial today, but I still need people to respond to my previous email.  I need your opinions about search engines like which one(s) you use and why.  I also need places to get free email (hotmai, etc.l) and places to get free websites.  The sooner you reply, the better. Thanks, Tutorial God or better known as Nick
-Nick (10:22 am, 11-14-99)

I thought of doing either a glossary of key internet words, or an introduction which described specifics of the internet.  Here are some words I thought should be included.  If you can think of anymore, please let me know, and if anyone has any feelings on which format would be better, please post it to  ssminnow.

world wide web (www)
Universal Resource Locator (URL)
com, net, org, edu

                                                                                                    PEACE OUT, nick
-Nick (10:59 am, 11-14-99)

Search Engines: - easy to use and lots of options, also offers free email and you can play games   searches for sites by subject

EasyWriter offers a good list of more search engines (including Yahoo) and their types

Free E-mail:

Free Website space:

if you want more, just go to
and check those out, make sure you check the pages first though...
 -Chris (12:14 pm, 11-14-99)

I looked up Mayor McCrory's email address on the site I was given in the response email, and sent the letter to him today.  Chris, I made changes to this letter, from what you suggested to me in your critique the other day.  I have this version of the letter saved, so if and when we need to print out hard copies to mail, I have it.

Nick, in response to your email ... I use Google and Yahoo most often.  Yahoo offers a lot of different options, like Chris also mentioned ... games on-line, free email, access to maps, categories to begin searches, and stuff like that.  I would see Yahoo as one of the easier search engines for beginners.

Guess that's it for now :)  Laters!

~Jen (1:53 pm, 11-14-99)

Link to mayor

As of now, the resources link on our nutball web page says "Helpful On-line Resources."  I have some links ready but am hesitant to put them up because the page reads: free email, free homepage, etc.  Weren't these to be included on the tutorial page?  I have gone through all the sites mentioned in posts and have found four so far that might actually be of value to a homeless person.  I was planning on placing these sites on the nutball resources page with descriptions.  I would include their proper documentation on the project site.  It's late and I have documented these rather quickly.  Please check over their format and feel free to make corrections:

Tedrico's Page.  Homelessness, Hitchhiking, Panhandling and Homeless
        Programs!  Global Homeless Network.  15 Nov. 1999

Global Homeless Network.  Web ring.  15 Nov. 1999  <;index>.

If You Are Homeless or May Become Homeless.  National Coalition for the Homeless.  15 Nov. 1999  <>.

International HOMELESS Discussion List, Archives, and Weblinks.  Home page.  15 Nov. 1999  <>.

-Adam (1:39 am, 11-15-99)

All right guys and gals. Its monday and I've only recieved one progress report. It doesn't take that much time to write down what you have, or in some cases, haven't done. I would like all of the progress reports by class tomorrow. That means I want the chance to look each one over before I end up in class. Don't froget to cc to Chris. Thanks people.

Justin (9:06 am, 11-15-99)


I think what was planned for the resources page was that we were going to
put all of the online resources there.  This not only includes the four
sites that you've got, but also the sites for the search engines, as well
as the free email and homepage sites.  Think of this page as an index for
all the sites we use or mention.  And (this is to everyone), weren't we
going to put links for free email and homepages on *both* the tutorial and
in this index?

Matt B. (11:29 am, 11-15-99)

Jen (or whoever else is supposed to help),

We've already worked quite a bit on the project site for maryann.  But I'm
sick of not being able to do much of anything, and feeling useless.  I'm
going to try to start working on it a little more.  But should I wait until
after Thanksgiving, when we've completed and tested the nutball site, to
finish it up?  That way, we might could have a section for what our initial
experiences and results from the nutball site have been in our home
libraries.  I need ideas.  Thanks.

Matt B. (11:43 am, 11-15-99)

Well ... what do we have so far?  If we get a work day tomorrow in English, I suggest we sit down and think through the project site ... exactly what we want on it, and any other details ... we could get started ... are using the page set up that John already did?  Yeah ... I think it's a good idea to post initial results from our hometown libraries ... but I think maybe we need to make up some general questions that need to be answered when everyone goes to the libraries ... so that we have some kind of basic knowledge of
what to post on the website ... make sense?  let me know ... we can come up with the list of questions in class too ... sound ok?  Well .. laters :)

Jen (11:57 am, 11-15-99)


That definitely sounds good.  Before class tomorrow, I will try to think up
some questions or parameters that everyone can use when they sit down at
their local library.  For example, we could ask everyone to evaluate how
easy it was to access the site, and how easily it ran on lower-end
machines.  Hopefully, we'll be able to work on all this in class tomorrow.

Matt B. (12:28 pm, 11-15-99)


       Thanks for helping clear up some confusion.  I'll have a draft of the page
ready by class tomorrow.

Adam (12:53 pm, 11-15-99)


        What do you think of the format for the FAQ page? What other suggestions do
you have? How could this information be presented easily and efficiently to
people that want it?

                                                                        John Kivus (1:28 pm, 11-15-99)

Let me know what you all think..

I'm still trying to figure out how to layer transparent images from other
files onto a circular button background.

The ones I made before look horrible--hopefully these will look much better.
Once everyone's pages are mostly up, what do you all think about adding
pictures (besides buttons and logos) to the text to help the users get a
better understanding of what's going on?

I'll keep looking at the pages and think of more graphics ideas.

Ama (11:24 am, 11-16-99)

link to new graphics


        The logo seems to be almost faded on my computer. Is that the design? Most
of the web page have been bold with strong contrasts in colors, could you
work up a logo that might fit this scheme to compare with? Also, I'm not
sure what format you put the other file in. It's not one that I can readily
open. Could you send a GIF or JPEG of it? Thank you.

                                                        John (11:30 am, 11-16-99)

Nice graphics and colors Ama.  Good, easy to read instructions.
 -Chris (11:32 am, 11-16-99)

Man, it makes me wish I was a graphics wizard like some of you guys.  I
like the help box Ama.

Matt B. (12:04 pm, 11-16-99)

Hey, I just talked to nick and you can finally expect to see a bunch of
posts from me.  I didn't have much to say before, but I have a lot more
questions to answer and another interesting task.  I think that it would be
good if someone not to experienced with web page design (i.e. me) tried to
build one at a geocities site.  I'll be able to tell you what the hangups
are in building it.  Expect a post on that soon.
Jeromie Rand (1:10 pm, 11-16-99)

       I was thinking that the resources page on the project site would serve
more as a bibliography.  Please send me the URL's of any sites you are
using on your pages here's what I have so far.
 -Adam (1:39 pm, 11-16-99)


        Actually, I was hoping the resources page could be more the list of links
to the free e-mail, free webpage, those various poverty resources and stuff
with a little blurb on that. If you want to do the bibliography that's fine,
but I think that a site with helpful links is required.

                                                        John (3:22 pm, 11-16-99)


        I included the blank box graphic you wanted


        I put your page linked as a bibliography

Chris K.--

        Do you have pages yet for the connections to other people type material? I
made a page we can link "Under the Bridge" and the other one to. Just let me
know what you have and what it includes so I can write bulrb or two about
each thing

Jen And Mat--

        For you template, I forgot to set the border width to zero. Did you want
borders? I'm assuming you just are using it for format and page setup
reason. If you want me to update that let me know


        I updated the home page, by adding links to a potential connection page and
to the bibliography. Are there any other layout concerns or ideas that
people think should be added?
 -John (4:19 pm, 11-16-99)


       I had the same thing in mind about the resource page for the nutball
site.  Attached is a rough draft (very rough).  I pretty much wrote it out
on Word, then copied and pasted it.  I'll make it look better by our next
class.  The page I posted earlier was meant to be for the project site.  Do
think we should have the resource page for the nutball and project site be
similar, or keep the project site in the form of a bibliography like I posted?
 -Adam (4:29 pm, 11-16-99)


I like the general set up of the page.  It is very easy to read
through.  But I think we might need to be careful about the wording in the
heading: " the Internet can be used in order to better
yourself."  When I first read it, it sounded a little bit condescending--
as if we are telling people that they need to better themselves, and we don't.

Matt B. (5:10 pm, 11-16-99)

I found a site that lists a bunch of free webspace providers and some
details about them... what exactly are we looking for in a free site.  How
much space do we need to allow for?  Any other comments about them?
Jeromie Rand (9:27 pm, 11-16-99)

****** To everyone-- forgive me for the size of this message.


I think we can divide the project site up into about five sections:  1) Preplanning/development/research, 2) false starts/false hopes/dead ends/set backs/serendipity, 3) doing it, 4) outcome/results/testing/out in the world, 5) reflection/celebration/future use/future planning.  These titles (like # 2) may look kind of big, but each phrase is just a suggestion.  Also, "future use/future planning" in number 5 could have some ideas of how we think the BeHeard site could be used in the real world, and particularly by future English classes.

Having all this in mind, I've looked at this poem in regards to the project site.  To be honest, I don't think the poem is going to fit very well.  True we can get some good excerpts and quotes from the poem; but if we decide to keep these five sectional divisions, the poem material doesn't fit very well into all of them (for example, what could we put for # 5?).  We may just end up keeping the same page format that we had in class today, except we would take out the second column (the one for quotes).

Despite what I think about the using the poem, you and others may think different.  So I took the poem and highlighted what I think we could use for the project site.  The lines in red are parts that we could probably use pretty easily, while the others in green are possibilities.  If we need to talk about each line in more detail, it would be easier to wait until class Thursday, because it would take WAY too long for me to explain in an email.  Anyway, here's the poem.
-Matt (12:14 am, 11-17-99)

link to poem w/ comments


After slaving for hours    -grrrins-    these are the graphics I came up with.
The buttons are of suggestion....(but they took a long time to make and get blended just right so GRRR)--I was thinking we could use them instead of the purple buttons on the pages now, with the lettering beside it. John knows how to make it so that if the user rolls over either the button OR the text, the text will change to the snazzy text. Does anyone like this idea? Does anyone not like this idea?

If we DO decide to go with the buttons, then I would need to change the help button..which wouldn't be hard.
Also, the logo is completely different than the last one..this one looks like a real logo too! (I hope)

I'd appreciate any feedback you have.

Thanks bunches and bunches on late-nite tv,
Ama (12:45 am, 11-17-99)

Link to graphics


These are AWESOME!  :)  Great job.  The buttoins are much clearer this time, I like everything you did.  The logo is perfect :)  At least, I think so.  That's it for now.  Later.


Those suggestions sound good to me.  I see what you mean about the quotes from the poem.  Maybe we could just get away with using the one quote for the heading on the project site page?  Would that work?  Then we wouldn't have to find quotes to match the five different categories.  I'll work on setting up pieces of the web page tomorrow, and try to have some of it done my class time on Thursday.  OK?

Good night, everyone :)

Jen (1:00 am, 11-17-99)

John, the address for Under the Bridge is
so you can make a link to it.  It is just a BBS for talking about whatever anyone likes.  Any subject is a welcome subject.... etc., etc....
I haven't got anything for the other started yet...

Chris, I need you to forward me the email from Delphi forums (if you have gotten one) so that I can customize that page.
 -Chris (7:10 pm, 11-17-99)

The buttons look great, Ama.  Good work.  I think that they will definitely
work for our site.  And the logo is really good, too.
Jeromie Rand (8:51 pm, 11-17-99)

       I have put up the resources page for the nutball site and a bibliography
page for the project site on the share drive.  Any suggestions for
improvement??  Also, please post or email me any other sites I should
include on the bibliography page.

Adam (12:46 am, 11-18-99)


        I made more changes to the web site. Both the newindex and newindex2. I
reformatted them with better margins and the like. Does this look any
better? I need suggestions. Also, I added the new FAQ that Jeromie wrote.
Instead of adding them to the myths page, I put them on a new FAQ page and
added links to it through the index homepage and the newindex homepage. I
think that just about covers it for now. Oh yeah, I put a marginfile.gif
file in the images directoy. It is just a 15 pixel wide invisible gif that
keep the table spaced properly. If you don't understand how to use it, then
let me know.

                                                                        Web God (1:20 am, 11-18-99)

Are these accurate descriptions of the following search engines?  Obviously, it is easy to find the good things about each search engine, but it is more difficult to find the cons, so if you can think of any please let me know.  Also, we need the same for Hotmail and Yahoo! mail.  Thanks, Nick
Yahoo!  -  Yahoo! is easy to follow and the results are usually very accurate because it searches by subject.  It usually only gives you websites that focus on your topic which is great if you are looking for a broad topic.  Yahoo! also offers other things such as free email, online auctions, Fantasy Sports leagues, games, people searches, and other fun things.
Alta Vista - Alta Vista is huge, indexing millions of web pages and newsgroup messages;  it allows you to search for a single word or a phrase.  When using Alta Vista, you may get websites which arenít about your topic, but instead just mention the subject you are looking for briefly.
 Lycos -  Lycos is good if you are trying to locate hard to find information.  You will probably come across some random pages that may have only one or two words about your topic.

Webcrawler  http://www.webcrawler -  Webcrawler searches for keywords in web pages.  It is a helpful search engine when you have already carefully limited your topic.

Ask Jeeves - Ask Jeeves is a friendly and straightforward way to navigate the Internet accurately.  It lets you ask a question the way you'd ask it in the real world.  While Ask Jeeves might not have the largest selection of web pages, if it canít help answer you question, it will direct you to a search engine that might.
 Northern Light- -Northern Light combines web results with premium information from 5,400 books, magazines, databases, and newswires not available from any other search engines.  Results are given by best match and organized into folders to help narrow your search.
-Nick (11:48 am, 11-18-99)
This batch was questions that Nick asked me to do for his tutorial
page.  Here they are.  I also found a place that you can build a free
homepage that doesn't ask for very much user information (some had address
and phone number as required fields)  They even submit your page to search
engines for free.  I'll have to try building a page there before I can give
the full run down... I plan to do that in class today.   Then I'll give you
a full report.
Jeromie Rand (12:35 pm, 11-18-99)


This is the REALLY rough draft of the letter that I plan to send to the streetwise workers.  Be VERY critical and  tell me what you guys think

joel (3:15 pm, 11-18-99)

Hey Everyone,

        I just posted a new formatted copy of the homepage. What do you think? I
need feed back. It's called "newindex"

                                                                Web God (4:30 pm, 11-18-99)


Well, I have to say that I really don't care for the new homepage. Maybe it is just me, but the blue just doesn't fit. I would change it, but let the rest of the minnows have their say. Thats all.

Justin (5:10 pm, 11-18-99)


        Do you think another color would fit in better than the blue? Any

                                                                Web God (5:37 pm, 11-18-99)


        I changed the color scheme and formatting of the homepage again. Any
better? It's listed up new index 2.

                                                                        Web God (6:24 pm, 11-18-99)


        I modified the newindex page again. Not newindex2 but the original
newindex. What do people think of it now. Is it any better with adjusted
margins and orientation. I also added the help box that Ama put into it.
Does this help or does it conflict with the rest of the design. Any
suggestions would be most helpful.

                                                                        Web God (11:49 pm, 11-18-99)

Progress so far has been satisfactory. Adam continues to work on the resources page for both the project and the nutball site. He has discovered that while many web pages are available on the web, few are geared toward the homeless. Adam has accululated several useful sites and is currently waiting for all the resources to be posted. He is devising two different formats for the project site and the nutball site.

Ama is currently working in the graphics department and is in the process of streamlining the site. She has recently developed several graphics that will now take the place of the old buttons. She also is also working with Jeremy on the Myths and Realities section. Ama is designated to write a tutorial for the use of email, but is not yet finished.

John is supervising the construction of the nutball website. He has established a set of guidelines that all connecting pages should follow. He is currently working on some graphic ideas with Ama concerning the buttons and the page headings. A web map has been added to the nutball folder showing how all of the pages connect with each other and how the website flows as a whole. John also asked about creating a bibliography that documented the websites that we used in the construction of our site. Perhaps this would best be incorporated into the project site rather than the nutball site. John waits for the tutorial page to be posted to insure that it follows the correct format.

Nick continues to work on the tutorial page. Jeremy has been assigned to help Nick with the tutorial page after Nick expressed his overbearing work load. The tutorial will include detailed descriptions of only a few of the email and web page providers. The other companies will be listed, but due to various aspects such as complexity and user friendlyness, Nick will only concentrate on certain ones. The glossary of terms will be in paragraph form with hot links for words needing further explanation. Nick hasn't started this page yet because the layout was only decided recently. Ama is also helping Nick with the email section. Nick has visited some current online tutorials to get an idea of where he needs to concentrate. Jeremy will be helping Nick with the free web page portion of the tutorial. Jeremy intends to utilize his limited internet skills and test the various services. From these results, Nick and Jeremy will decide on which free web page providers to concentrate on.

Chris is working on the forum aspect of the nutball project. Currently he has found several forum providers, but evidently there is not one provider which provides all of the desired features. Chris intends to put the decision before the class and then develop the forum.

Joel and Jen have initiated contact with the mayors of various cities. Not much more can be done until they recieve responses from the mayors. Joel now intends to contact social workers and members of government agencies to see if there is an exceptional need for our services in a particular area. Joel continues to work with Ama on the graphics portion of the site. Currently they have finished their work dealing with the revision of the buttons.

Matt is only now beginning to start work on his section of the project. Matt needed the basic workings of the nutball site to be up and running before he could begin. Matt is now currently working on the construction of the project web site. Meanwhile, Matt has critiqued everyones writing and has looked over many of the web pages to assess their validity.

Jeremy continues to work on the FAQ's and is almost done with them. He was previously having some problems and now has resolved his lack of ideas. I asked Jeremy to help Nick with the tutorial. Jeremy plans to test the various sites dealing with free web pages. Based upon the results Jeremy gathers, he and Nick will concentrate on specific sites offering free web pages.

Jen continues to work with Joel on the contact information while also working on the project page. Matt and Jen are just as of now starting on the project site. The basic layout for the project page has been completed. Jen continues to wait for any responses to the letters sent out to the mayor. Jen also continues to respond and critique letters posted to ssminow.

Overall the project is running fairly smoothly. It is apparent now that Nick was given too much for one person to handle. Jeremy has been added to help with the tutorial and testing of free web page services. The lack of response from city mayors is a little disappointing, yet perhaps time will correct this. Fortunately, the major concerns as of yet have been the tone of the writing and the presentation of graphics. Smooth running as of yet.
-Justin (7:49 am, 11-19-99)


this looks great!  I think the tone is appropriate, it's persuasive without being real pushy, and it thoroughly explains our intentions.  The only suggestions I have are minors things that I'll put in the body of the letter. :)  Good job.  :)

jen (9:01 am, 11-19-99)


I like the page with the black ... formatting is better on this one
too.  (It was scrolling left and right on my screen with the blue).  The
black adds a bit ... I think the original orange was a little too ...
drab?  not sure of a word ... but this is better :)

jen (9:05 am, 11-19-99)

the glossary is now working.  If there is any text on your part of the home page that includes the following words, you can link them to the glossary page.  These are the target names:

search engine

                                                                    Peace, Nick (12:51 pm, 11-19-99)

Joel, good job on the letter.  I am going to put my comments on the copy Jen put hers on so you won't have to switch screens back and forth when editing.

Adam (1:01 pm, 11-19-99)

Link to joelís letter w/ adam and jenís comments

Alright, here you go guys.  When you go to the library, here's a general
list of things to ask yourself as you're browsing through BeHeard.

1 -- How easy was it to access the site?

2 -- How easy was it to use and navigate through the site?

3 -- If you worked on a lower end (slower) machine, did the pages have any
difficulties loading?

4 -- If you were someone who was new to the Internet, how user-friendly
would you say the site is?

5 -- If you were a homeless person, what would your reactions to the site
be?  How helpful or useful would it be?

This is a *very* rough draft, so any additions or suggestions are gladly

Matt B. (1:09 pm, 11-19-99)


I liked Adam's idea of using that one paragraph from the letter Joel wrote on our project site as a mission statement ... does everyone else share my opinion?  Here's the section I'm talking about, though we don't have to use all of it if we decide not to.  But let me know what you think.  And Joel ... is this ok with you?  Later guys!

I hope that you will thoughtfully consider how mutually beneficial this type of work would be for your organization as well as our class project, but more than anything, I hope that it will be beneficial to those who desperately need to be heard. There can be no replacement for a personal one-to-one contact with someone who cares for you. There is also no replacement, however, for the knowledge that you have created something all by yourself, accomplished something great, or expressed yourself in a new way. It is this sense of accomplishment that we are striving to instill through our web site. We seek to show each person who visits our website that he or she can accomplish just as much as anyone else can on the Internet, even with limited resources. (

Jen (3:45 pm, 11-19-99)


I think the bulk of our work is going to come in actually writing the
content for each section in the project site.  So we may want to talk about
dividing that up a bit.  It may take a while, especially for the "Doing It"
section.  I love the idea about the mission statement-- that would be a
great thing to put in the project site "Introduction."  In terms of
something to say to the librarians, the only thing I can think of off the
top of my head would be to ask them if they know how many homeless (or
seemingly homeless) people come to use the Internet.  Or, then again, how
many people new to the Internet come to use it.  They may not know the
answers to these questions, but I suppose we could ask.  The informational
letter, however, I think is a wonderful idea.  Get back to me so we can
work out what we need to do.  I want to get as much done before
Thanksgiving as I can-- so I can focus more on eating myself into a coma.

Matt B. (4:52 pm, 11-19-99)

yeah, it's fine w/ me if we use it for the mission statement.
joel (5:03 pm, 11-19-99)

SS Minnows,

This is a rough draft of a letter Matt and I thought we might want to give
the librarians to help promote our site a little bit.  What do you guys
think?  I used the "mission statement" that is to go on the project site
that Joel wrote as the body of the letter ... does this work?  Do my
changes keep the letter on the right track, or do they not flow well?  How
is the tone?  Feedback is good.  Laters!! :)

 (7:45 pm, 11-19-99)

These are graphics to be used as the titles for all the pages to make them
have similar structure 'n make the site look uniform.

Check them out and let me know what you think--I'll put the folder in
Share: it's called headlines.

Ama (10:51 pm, 11-19-99)

Hey John,

I'm working on trying to set background colors to the frames you put up for
us on the project site.  But I can't figure out how.  Is there a command in
html that I need to put inside the frame set command?  Does it go in the
body?  Do i need to put the background colors in the images as well?  Let
me know how I should do this.  Thanks a lot :)  If you need to see what my
problems are, you can check the site in the projectsite folder ... it's
called homeframe still ... guess that's it :)  Later.  Thanks!

Jen (12:05 am, 11-20-99)

Since you're so full of idea right now, Matt, I thoght I'd send ya my opinions of this poem.  I know a few more spots need to be found for the last two categories ... but let me know what you think.  Good night.  Other minnows, you're welcome to contribute your two cents as well, as always :)  laters

Jen (1:48 am, 11-21-99)

link to poem w/ comments

The bibliography and resource pages have been continuously worked upon. Adam now has the general format and the rough drafts have been critiqued by the class. Revisions are currently being made, mainly dealing with customizing the site for use by the homeless. The pages are currently in the process of being connected to the nutball site. The tutorial site is almost complete. Nick is currently working on the free email providers and other aspects of the page. This part of the projects seems to be the most incomplete. The information is being put together and formatted as we speak. Nick has laid a timeline out that he will publish the majority of the tutorial by Saturday, the 20th. Ama and Jeremy are also working are various aspect of the tutorial and their sections will be mostly complete as soon as they send their information to Nick for final critique and publication. The Third Voice website has been researched and tried out by Ama and Jeremy. They will present this information to the class on the 23rd of November. The tutorial has been written and is currently under final revision. The Myths and Realities section has been slip into FAQs and Myths and Realities. Research has been conducted on the free web page providers and several have been ruled out. The basis comes on their lack of a page editor. Geocities appears to be the preferred provider as of right now.

The graphics have been revised along with the page colors. A consensus has been made that either the index page is different from all of the other identical pages, or all pages should be identical. This decision is to be put to the class for discussion. John is working on streamlining all of the pages so they appear identical in color and layout. The implementation of the pages and the new graphics is still in progress. Work continues on graphics to liven up the site.

Joel and Jen have yet to recieve any response from the mayors. Joel has asked that he be assigned to help Ama with the graphics as he feels that his job is fairly complete as the liason. He is currently working with Ama concerning Pain Shop. Matt and Jen are in the process of creating the project page. Currently, they have the overall layout designed and have asked John to create a basic page layout. The project site will document our progress throught this project, including dead ends and all the mishaps and trials. Epigrams from the poem "America" are to be used throught the project site. The basic workings of this portion of the project are still in progress. Jen continues to work with Joel concerning the letters, yet the lack of response inhibits further efforts.

So far, the project seems to be running smoothly. As certain aspects of the project are finished, people have been moved to areas with high work loads. Matt and Jen came up with a series of questions for each of us to take to the libraries over Thanksgiving. This will allow us to better focus our efforts. Over Thanksgiving, we plan to visit libraries and find out the extent of the libraries involvement with the internet and free access.
-Justin (2:15 pm, 11-21-99)

Great job on the letter Jen.  I included some critique at the end of this message.  As for the site itself, obviously we won't be able to handle the testing or reflection sections until after we get back from Thanksgiving break.  So right now all we can do is the first three sections.  I would be willing to do the "Introduction" and "Twists of Fate" if you wanted to do "Doing It."  Since you seem to have more of a handle on frames and tables, I'll write the bulk content for the first two sections, and put them on the share drive as files from Composer.  Then you can put them sections together.  In fact, I'll go ahead and put all of the skeleton files up there.  But just two more things.  First, how are we going to integrate the e-mails into the site?  Are we just going to quote from them?  Second, do you think you could make the top frame on the page a little lower, so that we won't have to scroll down to get to the link buttons?  See if John can help you with it.  Hopefully we'll get these parts done before the holiday (especially since I won't have Internet or network access all weekend anyway).  How does all this sound?
-Matt (2:33 pm, 11-21-99)

link to letter w/comments


Sure, I'll work on "Doing It" ... but I'm going to say that I'm going to get most of that work done over break, as I'll have a decent amount of time on my plane rides home to work that stuff out.  I'll ask John to make the top frame bigger ... I thought about that last night too.  Any ideas for icons for the other three categories???  Maybe a mirror for reflection, if I can find an icon... but what about for "doing it" and "testing"?  Let me know.  Integrating the emails into the site ... I was planning on just quoting them, unless you have a better idea.  Let me know what you think about the parts of the poem we're going to use, and exactly where we're going to put them in the site.  Should I change the top frame for each section and put a different quote for each one??  Let me know.  Later!

Jen (3:11 pm, 11-21-99)

Web God,

Can you make the top frame in the frame template a bit larger??  The
buttons won't fit in there without scrolling.  Thanks a lot!!

Jen (3:30 pm, 11-21-99)


The only reason I suggested that we get these parts done before
Thanksgiving is because I won't be able to do anything over the weekend
since I won't have any access.  But if you can work on it then, that's
fine.  For the icons-- I thought (at the risk of being cliche) that we
could use a hammer or something construction-related for "Doing It."  No
cheesy animations, please.  For testing, maybe a car (?test drive?)?  If
worse comes to worse with these icons, we could just put something
temporary in their place-- this isn't really the most important part of the
site.  E-mails-- quoting them is what I figured we should do.  So I'll do
that.  But do you think we will have to cite them somehow?  The poem--
Other than the quote for the title, which I think we ought to use on every
page, the other parts of the poem I think we should put in the text of the
site.  Maybe at the beginning of each section.  This is something we can
work on in class Tuesday.  I'll try to type up the text for the first two
sections tonight sometime.

And one more thing.  If we use the poem we're going to need to make a page
and link to the entire poem somewhere.

Matt B. (6:23 pm, 11-21-99)

Jen and Matt,

        I fixed the frameset for the project site. Also, did you know there does
not a background color in either one of the pages? I was just letting you

                                                Web God (7:29 pm, 11-21-99)

OK ... John, I realize we don't have a background color on the pages ...
that's something I think we need to save until class on Tuesday, cause I
have some questions and stuff for you.  Thanks for fixing the frameset
though.  Everyone else (well, and John, too), I have four out of five
category buttons up on the project site ... trying to find a mirror graphic
to use for the "relfections" category.  But I'd be intereseted in hearing
what you guy think of it.  In the shaer folder, inside project3, inside the
projectsite folder, click on the "homeframe" file to view the page.  This
is just the Introductory page.  Let me know what you think.  Matt, yeah,
we'll need a page for the poem by it self ... I'm not sure how we need to
document this stuff, that's something to ask Chris in class on Tuesday ...
I took your advice  on those suggested buttons ... I think I like the
"Doing It" button, cause it adds a bit of humor (hammer and nail?? ... yes,
no?  inappropriate maybe?  let me know).  The library letter template ...
everyone needs to let me know if this is ok, so that I can print copies for
everyone to bring to class on Tuesday, ok?  Well, it's back to work for
me!  Later.
-Jen (8:00 pm, 11-21-99)

Jen and Matt and everyone else:

If you want help with pages and of course doing graphics, that's what I'm
here for.
I know a bit about html and writing pages, so I can help you out so that
John isn't overwhelmed.
Mail me with anything you need and I'll work hard to get it for you, or
make it for you as well.

Ama (8:25 pm, 11-21-99)

The second forum is up...  its address is
So make sure you put a link up to it John.  It has a chat and message board.

Chris (8:50 pm, 11-21-99)


You should download Third Voice sometime before Tuesday, so when Jeromie
and I give our presentation you can just follow along. Download at:

What Third Voice does is work with your internet browser to allow you to
post messages about whatever topics you choose to whatever groups you wish
to belong to.
It's kind of like a discussion board, only it's there in your face (because
it's hooked with your browser--but you can minimize it to just one little
tiny line) all the time and allows you easy access to posting new messages
to groups.

I'll show you all some stuff with it on Tuesday, but go ahead and look
through it and DOWNLOAD it before class so we can spend as little time on
the presentation as possible and more on our project work.
I also think this would be a good thing to include, in mentioning, on our
site, although many people using library terminals wouldn't allow for the
download, I don't think. But possibly we could talk to these libraries and
get them to go ahead and implement it or something.
Let me know what you think. (it's always appreciated)

Thanks like big warm comforters,
Ama (9:01 pm, 11-21-99)


Thanks ... if you wanna check out the projectsite then, and give me some
info on the graphics I did, that would be great.  Maybe I'll ask you some
of my questions regarding background color and stuff for the frames in
class on Tuesday.  And thanks for the holiday wishes, girly :)  Back at ya! :)

Jen (9:08 pm, 11-21-99)

I put a file on the share drive with a little blurb that we might could use
in our introduction under the mission statement.  Tell me what you guys
think about it.

Jen (and the graphics people),

Index page looks very good.  But we will also have to have a link back to
the introduction somewhere in each section.  We could do this by making
another button, or we could just put a text link in the footer of each section.

 Matt B. (11:42 pm, 11-21-99)

This Third Voice thing has made my computer crash twice now.  Both times I
was doing project site work on Composer.  Thank the Lord for autosave.

Matt B. (12:41 am, 11-22-99)

I put some more text on the share drive, this time for the Development
section.  Both this and the text for the Introduction are very rough
drafts, so any criticism would be greatly appreciated (especially since my
spelling can be horrendous at times).  Jen, I wasn't quite sure how to use
any e-mails for this Development section, since there wasn't much
posted.  The only thing that we could do is maybe put a list of the sites
that everyone posted, but that probably is not a good idea, since they were
of no use to us.  I'll work on some more content for the Twists of Fate
section tomorrow.  Night all.

Matt B. (1:00 am, 11-22-99)

Ok you guys.  I have basic layout pages for the project site
finished.  Some are more finished than others, I havne't linked them all
together yet, but they are all in the "projectsite" folder.  And I hate to
harp, but I did post that template of a letter for each of us to give to
the librarians at the libraries we'll be visiting this weekend during the
break ... and I do need feedback before I print it out to give to everyone
in class on Tuesday ... so it's tomorrow or never :P  If I don't get email
from the rest of you, I'll take Matt's comments and that'll be that.  :)


Check the quote and let me know what you think.  Any more we can add?  I
thought maybe, like in the twists of fate section, since there's a few that
apply, we could subdivide the category, and put quotes from the emails that
seem to pertain to the quotes from the poem.  Does that sound ok?  Better
ideas?  Simply don't like the idea and want to trash it?  It took me quite
some time to figure out exactly how I was going to work the web stuff,
since I didn't really know hat I was doing, but once I started to play
around with things, I figured them out, and from there, getting all the
template pages done wasn't too bad.  So when I get a chance tomorrow, I'll
start going through emails for the "Doing It" section.  I like the
introductory paragraphs you wrote to each section ... to be consistent,
should you write the one for "Doing It" as well, and I'll sift through the
piles of email relating to it and deal the with documentation aspect of
that category?  But I definitely think this has come a long way since last
week, when we sat there in English and looked totally confused as to how we
were going to do our part of the project, don't you? :)  Good night!

Later fishies,

Jen (1:48 am, 11-22-99)

in the search engine part of the tutorial I say, "If you have over a thousand hits, your topic is probably too broad."  Is this safe to say?  Is a thousand a good number or should it be smaller.  It seems like you either get four-hundred thousand hits or just thirty.  Would it be fair to say that anything in the thousands is too broad?  I was going to say something smaller like 100, because it is doubtful that there are over a hundred sites that could be beneficial to a certain topic, but sometimes there are eight hundred hits and you get some good sites even though they all aren't good.  What do y'all think?
-Nick (2:19 am, 11-22-99)


Everything looks pretty good.  I will work on a good first paragraph for
both the Twists of Fate and Doing It sections tonight.  But there is a very
big problem with the site.  When we click on the links, the whole new page
(both frames and all) opens up in the single frame with the link.  Try it
and you'll see what I mean.  I don't exactly know how to solve this
problem, but it can probably be done somehow.  Later.

Matt B. (3:13 pm, 11-22-99)

Hey everyone,

        I'm downloading all the files from the share drive onto my laptop so that I
can make minor tweaks and stuff like that. If you will be editing pages or
have made changes since 5:00 on Tuesday, please e-mail me and let me know!
Also, do not post pages when you get back before you let me know, I don't
want peoples work to get destroyed because things were posted over each
other. So, (1) if you plan on editing pages, let me know which ones, and (2)
if you have made changes all after 5 on Tuesday please let me know so that I
can make the adjustments when I get back. Thank you and have a happy

                                                Web God (5:04 pm, 11-22-99)

I put up two more files of text on the share drive.  They are called
twists2 and doingit2.  Once again, remember they are rough drafts, so any
criticism and spell-checking will be gladly accepted.  Jen, we'll go
through some of the e-mails tomorrow, if you haven't done so already.

Matt B. (7:50 pm, 11-22-99)

here's the polished draft for the jot and streetwise email.  check it over one last time for errors. I'll see you guys tomorrow in class.
joel (11:54 pm, 11-22-99)

OK guys ... you can copy the letter into Word and print it at home or something.  I tried to print out copies, but my printer doesn't like me today ... so it wouldn't print.  Only thing might be to switch the name at the closing ... have everyone put their own name there, and sign it before each of us gives it to the librarian or whoever.  We can decide that in class.  But here's the final letter.
-Jen (9:52 am, 11-23-99)

The second forum is up...  its address is
So make sure you put a link up to it John.  It has a chat and message board.

Chris (1:13 pm, 11-23-99)

list of class names:

Jennifer Pappas
Matthew Brunson
Justin Perdelwitz
Joel Simoneau
Amanda Wertz
Jeromie Rand
Adam Weeks
Chris Kuhlman
Nick Toepfer
John Kivus

OK guys ... you can copy the letter into Word and print it at home or something.  I tried to print out copies, but my printer doesn't like me today ... so it wouldn't print.  Only thing might be to switch the name at the closing ... have everyone put their own name there, and sign it before each of us gives it to the librarian or whoever.  We can decide that in class.  But here's the final letter.
-Jen (1:37 pm, 11-23-99)

Alright, here you go guys. When you go to the library, here's a general
list of things to ask yourself as you're browsing through BeHeard.  You
don't necessarily have to follow this list verbatim, but use it as a
guide.  *****When you get back from Thanksgiving, post your answers or
reactions to SSMinnow.

1 -- How easy was it to access the site?

2 -- How easy was it to use and navigate through the site?

3 -- If you worked on a lower end (slower) machine, did the pages have any
difficulties loading?

4 -- If you were someone who was new to the Internet, how user-friendly
would you say the site is?

5 -- If you were a homeless person, what would your reactions to the site
be? How helpful or useful would it be?


Matt B. (1:39 pm, 11-23-99)

We should probably ask a librarian some questions also.  Like:

- how often do homeless people come in and attempt to use the computers?
- do they ask for help?
- how are they helped?
- do they use the Internet?

I'm running out of time here and drawing a blank, but I think questions
like these in addition to the ones Matt wrote would help our site.

Adam (1:45 pm, 11-23-99)


I posted a new version of the resources page for the nutball site on the
share drive.  If it gets posted over or something, just tell me...I have on
my hard drive too.  Also, I was playing around with the colors on the page
(on my hard drive), but couldn't change the background color in the main
text box on the index site.  Do you know if there is an easy way to do this
on Composer?

Adam (10:07 pm, 11-28-99)

Ohmigoodness, it's a response!!! :)  Hey guys ... hope you all had a good
Thanksgiving.  I went and did my library check .. i'll post that tonight or
tomorrow.  But here's the response I got from the mayor of SanDiego.  Matt,
i did a lot of sifting through the emails for the "Doing It" section ... so
that'll be done by Tuesday, and I can stick it on the web.  OK ... later
peoples!! :)

Jen (11:57 pm, 11-28-99)

Link to Hutsel

Ok, I'm back now.  I have been ugly-sick all weekend and I just got in to
Clemson about a hour ago, so I did not get a chance to go to my local
library.  But I did manage to get to the site via my mom and dad's
computer, and everything looks pretty good.  It is running fine, and it's
quite simple in layout (it was a fast machine though).  Jen... I agree with
Chris that the next step should be to contact the county of San Diego.  But
we really need to send another message to Mr. Hutsel, thanking him for his
help-- it's only right considering how kind he was in getting in touch with
us.  I'll work on that message today.

Matt B. (12:45 pm, 11-29-99)

Okay.  Here's a draft of the letter to Mr. Hutsel in San Diego.


Dear Mr. Hutsel:

On behalf of my entire English class, I would like to thank you for your swift (another word?) response to the letter we sent about homeless writing shelters.  Not only was the information you provided timely and helpful, but pointing us to the county office has given us excellent direction in trying to find what we need.  Once again, thank you for your help.


Matthew Brunson
(How should I or we sign this?)

-Matt (10:07 pm, 11-29-99)

Question for y'all (I'm still not comfortable saying that but I'm learning),

        What has to be posted for Jen and Matt by 11? The library post right? I
have about 800 million things I'm thinking about and I can't remember. Let
me know, alright?

                                                                John (10:46 pm, 11-29-99)

Did you add the footer to the resources page? Just Checking

                                                        John (10:54 pm, 11-29-99)


Looks good ... I think swift is a good word ... good job ... short, sweet, and to the point :)  Send it on out ... only thing would be ... add, writing on behalf of Clemson University Honors 102 English class, after your name ... he needs to know you're from the same group I was.  Otherwise ... awesome :)  See ya in class tomorrow.

Jen (10:57 pm, 11-29-99)


I think the letter looks pretty good. Instead of the word swift, what about timely? I think that if you authored the letter, then you should sign it. I also think that you should put English 102 Honors under your name and then list the other members of the class. I think that is how we agreed to sign the letters we sent to the libraries and we might as well continue what we started. Anyway, those are just suggestions.

Justin (9:24 am, 11-30-99)

Here are the mssng pages.  F you can't tell my "eye" and my "cay" are not
worng rght now.  Ths s to fnsh up the tutoral secton wth text for the ntro
and a web page walthrough.  ('ll mae changes on that n class today f there
are suggestons).  Ths ceyoard s annoyng.  Later.
-Jeromie (11:25 am, 11-30-99)

       I wrote the introduction to the tutorials over break.  I think this is the type of thing everyone had in mind.  I would like opinions you have and any editing remarks.  Thanks
-Nick (1:03 pm, 11-30-99)

link to tutorial

To John or who ever.  The tutorial frame needs a button for the Glossary page.
-Nick (1:12 pm, 11-30-99)

Here is the new connect to others page.  Please give me some comments for the prose of the page... Thanks
-Chris (1:50 pm, 11-30-99)

I sent Nick a peer review of his intro...not sure if it sent to all of you
or not. Nick, could you forward it to the class if it doesn't send to everyone?

John--is mIRC a telnet program?
It works like one, I know that....and it's easy to use and downloadable for
evaluation for 30 days.

Ama (3:45 pm, 11-30-99)

I finished the email tutorial page, making it work and navigate a lot's up on Share..please look at it and tell me what you think...I
am having a problem getting the pictures to show though...all the icons are
up on Share, in the images folder, and when I pasted them into composer I
made sure to get them from there. But they still won't show! Someone help?

Ama (4:53 pm, 11-30-99)

Hey guys!!!

I got an email back from jot, here's what it says.

Joel (7:26 pm, 11-30-99)

Link to jot

I just finally got around to putting the footer up on the resource and
bibliography page.  They are there if you want to check them out.

Oh, I just checked out the latest index page and was pretty
impressed.  Good work!

Adam (12:01 am, 12-1-99)

We need to get the site completely done ASAP--including all the layout,
John 'n Joel.
Since we both have lab 'n this comp sci thing due tomorrow John, we'll get
together somehow or something tomorrow and try to finish all the graphics
stuff (if you know, at all possible, like if SCOOT doesn't slam us in lab
for hours 'n hours 'n hours).

If anyone needs help on anything else, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me
and I'll bust my ass to help...especially regarding anything graphically or
with writing or proofreading or something..

I just want this done, like the rest of you Dollies, and so I'll talk with
you and help tomorrow, John, about making everything look nice.

Sweet Dreams 'n Moonbeams,
Ama (1:22 am, 12-1-99)

I need everybody to post the sites they used, but are not seen in the
pages.  These sites should still be included in the bibliography page.  For
example, Jen: did you use a specific site to get all of the email addresses
of the mayors?  I need to know about sites like these.

Adam (9:30 am, 12-1-99)

To anyone who has done a page 'n posted it to SSMinnow:

Retrieve it and make sure to change the background color and link color to
the ones we specified yesterday.
Let me know if any of you need help on anything.

Ama (11:25 am, 12-1-99)


Joel found those ... you need to ask him where he got the addresses.  I just mailed em out.  :)  Sowwy.

Jen (11:46 am, 12-1-99)

Could you all post up your new, revised pages to Share by around 1pm if at
all possible?
Make sure to name the the exact thing as the old copy so the links all work
(and don't move stuff around LOL right John?).

I want to be able to look at all the pages and try to fix any layouts that
look a little odd or places where new graphics or a different layout might
be nice.

If you don't turn it in by 1pm, don't worry.....I won't chew your arms off
or anything, just post to Share ASAP please?

John, we probably need to get together sometime after lab (I'll try to get
most of my lab done early).

Thanks 'n just think---2 more days of classes!!!!!

Ama (11:34 am, 12-1-99)

In her feedback, Chris wrote (in reference to the resource page):

Yeah, why not list more of our resources sites here, like Neighborhood
Writing Alliance and Streetwise, sites like that? You may have a good
reason for leaving those sites out, but I want you to articulate those
reasons to me.

Well, I didn't think that the Neighborhood Writing Alliance and Streetwise
sites were user-friendly to a homeless person.  I didn't include them on
the resource page, but will include them on the bibliography.  Do you all
think I should put them on the resource page?

Adam (11:51 am, 12-1-99)


I agree with you in that they're not really all that user friendly to the
homeless ... the bibliography soudns like a good idea, but i wouldn't make
NWA or Streetwise a resource ... but that's just my opinion =P

Jen (11:57 am, 12-1-99)

The new contact others page is up.  Sorry that it wasn't earlier.  I tried to put it on last night, but my network  is still messed up... I got it up through network neighborhood this time.  So take a look and give me any suggestions...

-Chris (2:57 pm, 12-1-99)

Two things about the contact others page:
1.  Where should I put the internet for real people logo?
2.  The table is as high as it will go, you can edit the code.  It is just as high as the other pages except for the main page.  Dreamweaver probably lets you put it higher.
-Chris (3:57 pm, 12-1-99)

Chris,  I went ahead and fixed the introduction for the tutorial section.  I used the frame that John made, but I don't know if it is what you had in mind.  The buttons are placed halfway down the page, and I think it would look better if they were at the top where the text started.  Also, the text could go farther right instead of having nothing on 1/3 of the page.  If you could check it out and tell me what you think, that would be great.  It is in the tutorials folder in the nutball folder and is called introduction2.  I am going to wait to do the others until I know if this looks all right and is the right format we talked about.  Thanks, Nick (4:12 pm, 12-1-99)

To whom it may concern,

        I added the glossary button to the tutorial template.

P.S. I also changed the button order on the homepage!
-John (4:22 pm, 12-1-99)

Hey Everyone,

        I made an Introduction 3 page. Does this look better? I fixed the problems
Nick talked about.

                                                                John (4:33 pm, 12-1-99)

Jen... I posted a page with the Ginsburg poem on it.  So now we can link to
it from wherever we choose.  It's in the file called "poem."  Tell me what
you think.  See you tomorrow.

Matt B. (8:10 pm, 12-1-99)

Um..guys. Resources is misspelled in the footer.  Someone needs to change
Jeromie Rand (8:35 pm, 12-1-99)

Of, here is a completely remodeled myths page.  I had to completely redo it
because there were some problems with the table in the other one.  Let me
know what you think before I put it up on the CLE space.
-Jeromie (8:47 pm, 12-1-99)


        Ahhh, that would be my bad. I'll work on that.

                                        John (8:48 pm, 12-1-99)

I got the poem from the page that Chris K. showed us in class.  I don't
know the URL, but he should.  I'll see if I can figure it out.
Jeromie Rand (8:49 pm, 12-1-99)

the table looks better now, but why is the text aligning to the right?  I played around with it, but it looks the same if you put it on left align and right align.  It will look a lot better if we can get it to line up on the left side.  if anyone has answers, please let me know.  I'll try doing the other ones to see if it does the same thing.  Nick (9:05 pm, 12-1-99)

I need to change the font on the tutorials from times to ariel helvetica.  How do I do this?  Is it through notepad?  Let me know and I can take care of it.  thanks, nick (9:49 pm, 12-1-99)

Here are my latest versions.  I still need to make a couple of minor
changes.  Feel free to give feedback:
-Adam (10:36 pm, 12-1-99)

Right now I'm going crazy.  Novell is sooooooooooo slow, and it takes forever to do anything right now.  Also, if you guys don't know, we decided to change the look of the tutorial.  Instead of the frame with the black background to the left with the buttons, we decided to use a table.  The table isn't working though.  The middle column won't align to the left so the text looks really crappy.  I just need to vent and hopefully I can figure this out with some help.  Write back if you know what to do.
-Nick (11:22 pm, 12-1-99)

here are the links you requested.

I hope these will be sufficient for your usage.

Joel (11:39 pm, 12-1-99)

Here is what I got from the Community Foundation.
Justin (1:24 pm, 12-2-99)

Link to Community Foundation

Hey guys,

This is the last email I'm going to add to the "Doing It" section of the
project site for tomorrow ... if I keep adding, it's just going to be a
non-ending process.  It's been real =P  We're officially done tomorrow at
12:30 pm :)  Later!!

Jen (12:17 am, 12-2-99)

Test Driving


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