For Today:

Problem #1: (Research) Whatís Out there?

Problem #2: (Writing) What should we do or make to connect these people to the Net? How should we go about it?


Project Goals: For the Homeless: What can the Internet do for me?

Construct a Site:
Front Image Map
Resources: Links
Connections: Who can I hook up with?
Bulletin Board
Myths vs Fact
A page that tells what this site intends to do and for what specific audience

Front Page: Resources. How to use the Internet. Centers. Connect with other homeless people. Sharing resources. Places to get on for free. How do free hotmail and geocities accounts work? I can get a free email account? How to find stuff without a credit card number.  The challenge of tone. How to talk directly with homeless people, instead of talking with social workers.

Tutorial Aspect: How To
How to get a free email account
How to get a free home page
How to talk on a bulletin board.
How to subscribe to a listserve
How to search the web
FAQ: I donít have a credit card, what good is the web for me?
Feedback and Suggestions page

Image Map Site at a Glance

Project Documentation:  Project Site and Bibliography and resources page

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