Project Jobs

Project Manager: Coordinate tasks and make sure jobs get done: Justin (Adam)

Project Site Web Creator: Jen/Matt (Justin)

Web God: Coordinate site design and assign pages and links: John (Justin) (Nick)

Tutorial: Nick (Ama)

Bulletin Board/Forums (Connections): Chris K. (Jeromie)

Resources Page (Documentation/Bib): Adam (Matt)(John)

FAQ/Myths and Realities: Jeromie (Ama)(John)

Graphics and Consistency: Ama (Joel)

Writing Tasks: Hello/Welcome on Web Site, Humor: Everybody
Peer Review: SSMinnow Everybody

Letter Writing Contacts and Templates: Joel (Jen)


Next Week:
Letter Templates for Peer Review
Continue Accumulating Resources and Research: Evaluate sites
w/paragraph of notes
Color Palette coordinated with Graphics styles for both sites

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