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November 19, 1999

To Whom it May Concern:

My Honors English class at Clemson University is doing a community service
project this semester.  The main result (better word??) (final product??) will be a website
at that caters to the underprivileged in our
society.  The website includes tools to teach those that don't have
Internet access the basics of the so-called "Information Superhighway",
mainly by way of public access terminals located in libraries.

Our goal is to eventually give as many people as possible the ability to
have a voice on the web, even if they feel like they don't have one in
"reality". I hope that you will thoughtfully consider how it will be
beneficial to those who desperately need to be heard. It will give the less
fortunate the opportunity to form solid footing in a media that is
expanding rapidly and that is the future of our society, as well as solid
friendships -- and there can be no replacement for a personal one-to-one
contact with someone who cares for you. There is also no replacement,
however, for the knowledge that you have created something all by yourself,
accomplished something great, or expressed yourself in a new way. It is
this sense of accomplishment that we are striving to instill through our
web site. We seek to show each person who visits our website that he or she
can accomplish just as much as anyone else can on the Internet, even with
limited resources.

My class would greatly appreciate it if you would spread the word to
neighboring libraries and promote use of the site within your establishment
(better word again??) (I think "establishment" would probably be fine).
Any questions or comments can be sent to our professor, Dr. Christine Boese,
at (I used Chris' email since the project will be out of
our hands next semester .... is that ok??).  Thank you for your time, effort, and support.


Jennifer Pappas,
writing on behalf of the Honors 102 English Class at Clemson University

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