November 14, 1999
Honorable Mayor McCrory:
I am a student in a freshman honors English class at Clemson
University. My class is currently working on a community service project
involving the homeless. I was hoping you might be able to provide my
class with some information regarding homeless centers in your city.
Specifically, we are interested in any centers that have some kind of
writing program, whether vocational or creative writing. For example, in
Chicago, there is a program called the Neighborhood Writing Alliance,
which uses a street newspaper called Streetwise, which allows ordinary
people who have fallen on hard times to express themselves and find their voices
by writing poems and short passages of expression that may later on be used in a
publication. The publication is then sold to further the cause. The writers are able
to get feedback from outside "critics" as well. If there are any centers in your city
that have a program like this, or one based on a similar concept, we would be
especially interested in any information you could provide us with, including contact information.
Another rather important part of our project involves access and use of
the Internet by the homeless and other economically disenfranchised people.
If there are any programs in your city that provide information about how to use
technology such as the Internet, we'd also be interested in learning more about that.
For instance, libraries that may have a program to teach the basics of Internet usage,
or community centers that open their doors to teach those that want to learn or have
not had the opportunity to learn.
I understand that you are a very busy person and that the volume
of e-mails that you get on a daily basis is rather large, however, as we
are limited by the time left in the semester, it would be helpful if you can
send this information as soon as you have time.
Thank you very much for your time and efforts.
Jennifer Pappas,
writing on behalf of the Honors 102 English Class at Clemson University

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