The internet is powerful tool which is changing the way people communicate, work, shop, and learn.  At first, the internet was seen as a thing for professors and scientists, but now it is obvious that the world wide web is becoming common in households, and it might one day be a necessity.  Groups such as Netaid are trying to expand access to the internet everywhere in the world.  They believe that those who don’t have access to the internet will fall into a lower class.  The internet will create an economic gap, dividing those who can use the internet and those who can’t.
         In the United States, anyone can have access to the internet!  Our public libraries are hooked into the information super highway.  While this allows those without internet access to surf the web, it doesn’t solve all the problems.  Because one can not download things to the public computers, many of the things that can be done on the internet are impossible to do.  However, new things are created everyday for the internet.  Even without a computer, it is now possible to have you own email address, home page, and storage space for free.  Not only can you take stuff from the web, but you can give back.  That is one of the great things about the internet— by creating your own web pages and participating in online discussions, it is now possible to “Be Heard”.  One of the jobs of this website is to teach YOU how to take advantage of this powerful thing called the internet.   Click on the buttons to the left to learn how to be heard using the internet.

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