Twists of Fate

"There must be some other way to settle this argument."
-excerpt from Ginsberg's "America"


With every type of work reliant on research, there are almost always going to be some dead ends.  How lucky for us that in this project, it was no different.  In going to the library in search of more paths of information, we came out with hurting noses, more than a little disappointed.  It was a brick wall at the end of a dead-end street.  For all the information that a library could hold, we found nothing of any use for achieving our goal.

Despite this minor setback, we pushed on.  Unbeknown to us, fate would soon come smiling.  We ran into a Ginsburg poem named "America," which fit almost perfectly into the type of writing we were trying to deal with and do.  As a result, we had a new paralell in our hands, and we would decide to utilize it for this very site, among other things.

link to Ginsberg's poem

"OK ... Nick, Jeromie, and I went to the library for our research stuff
tonight ... we didn't find much.  I kind of resorted to looking up topics
that might provide useful background or possible groups/organizations that
will help us later on in our project.  I found several articles on
universal access to the internet, and I'm posting the relevant material
here ... so I hope those of you working on the Internet side of teh
research found more information than we did ... if you have any new
information for us to use as lookup keywords in the library tomorrow night,
please post it :)  Thanks.

link to Article 1
The rest of the article dealt with universal medical programs and such ...
only his first "wish" was relevant to our project in any way ... next
article ...

link to Article2

I haven't looked the article up yet ... but this looks somewhat promising
... so tomorrow I'll see if I can get a hold of the article.  Anyway,
that's about the extent of what I found ... streetwise didn't pull anything
up ... free nets didn't pull anything up ... poverty and writing didn't
pull anything up ... so any new keywords for searching purposes would be
appreciated.  :)"
-Jen (10:35 pm, 10-31-99)

"I checked some other library websites, to see what kinds of things people
use the Internet for in libraries.
1. Searching for information on various subjects.
2. Accessing free email services.
3. Chatting with friends on online chat services.
4. Just browsing around, looking at various websites that they might have
seen displayed somewhere and have wanted to check out.

These are basically the reasons people connect to the Internet at
libraries--so these are things we need to address in our tutorials.

I really like the idea of designing an extremely helpful site. I have a
friend I work with, a 50-year-old woman, who is deathly scared of
computers, let alone the Internet. I think that our site will not only help
those who are homeless and may access our site for info on resources and
other useful knowledge, but anyone who is essentially Internet ignorant,
like my friend. With as much work as we hope to put into this project, I
for see it being used as a guide to anyone who views the Internet as a
world only for those with big credit cards. And in order to counterattack
the future proposed in "A Note to the Future," everyone needs to gain a
technological knowledge for such a technological future."
-Ama (1:04 am, 11-4-99)

Once we had finally decided where to go with our project, it turned out that our original direction was a bit misleading.  We took a day in class to decide exactly what we wanted to do, and exactly who was going to do what.

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