Need A Few Pages To Get You Started?
Try These:

        Texas way of helping the homeless

        Just what it say an international way of presenting the homeless.  It shows the image of the homeless from all aspects of the world with some insights each month.

        An illigitimate way to arm the homeless has been made by a news station.  Seems someone wanted to give homeless weapons to protect themselves.

        I really think we should consider using this url because this is a website dedicated to talking about the homeless.  I really think we should use this site on the BeHeard web site.  Check out the guy who's name is Judge Ito.

        This looks like a web page that is certainly dedicated to the homeless but are looking for donations to allow the help they do proceed.

        If anyone is writing about how the internet helps those in need this is a great story about a family who were essentially okay and then by one event  all that they had was gone.  This is a very touching story.

        I like this one because if you need to get in touch with someone in your state, this gives the person to contact.  There are two people that you can get in touch with in South Carolina.

        This site gives information about the rights that homeless people have.  This site has alot of good facts that could be used to help support some of your papers.

        This web site gives the insite into homeless peoples life.  It talk about there views on different issues.  This site seems that it is working with homeless people on the internet.  I think that this would be a great one to use in our web site.  It has a place were homeless people can speak out and be heard about issues that effect them directly.

        This is another site that would be good.  It has homeless people's views and news.  This site might give more information about homeless people around the world.  It has a way that you can change the language to other languages.  Might get an inside view into what they are really going through here in the United States and around the world.

    A list of homeless shelters on the web.

    This site was written from the point of view of someone who knows what a Homeless person needs.  It has
lots of useful things like bus schedules on it.

    National Coalition for the Homeless.  It has lots of good links and has a nice search engine on it too.

    Habitat for Humanity has been doing a lot of good things for the homeless and this site talks about how you can volunteer and exactly what they do.

    This is a site based in Columbia but I think this is basically what we are going for with our site.  This has lots of good useful links and a benefit to the homeless.

    This has some good links on information about the homeless and ways we can get involved.  Not really catered to the
homeless but it is still a helpful site.

    I thought that this was the best site that I found.  It is the Homeless Peoples Network.  It is a discussion list
so that homeless people can talk to other homeless people over the Internet on these message board type things.

    This is a link to an article in the chicago times talking about how the income of the street newspapers is dropping

    This is a link to a site that lists all the street newspapers in the country

    This is a link that explains street newspapers and how to get one started

       This is the journal of ordinary thought. We talked about it in class and I really like it. I recomend that all of you take some time and read this writings. They are real life.

       This is the homepage of that lady that emailed me...She sounds very interesting.

       This is the one i did my extra credit on. Off of this site there are many other links. It is also very interesting

       This is an interesting article on homless people and the access that is availabe to them.,3730,2292496,00.html

    This site is kind of slow, but it talks about how technology is widening the global poverty gap.  It brings up issues about the use of the Internet in different countries.  It makes a good point that "Although only one in 10 people worldwide speaks English, 80 percent of websites are in English."  Some developing countries aren't able to use the Internet because they don't have telephone lines.  The site has a real audio/video broadcast of a segment of news talking about the Internet and the poverty gap between countries.,4586,2291804,00.html

    This site is another article about Global Internet access.  It gives vital statistics of the people that use the Internet and people who do not.,4586,2256111,00.html?chkpt=zdnnrlb

    This sites talks about a research project being conducted to see if people can live off the Internet alone.  The experiment involves four volunteers (two men and two women), they will be in a room for a week and the only thing they have is a credit card and the Internet.

    This site says that there are three basic needs of humans. 1) Information, 2) Matter, and 3) Consciousness.  The site explains what it means by these three categories.

    This site is a list of links and descriptions about different resources that assist people in need.  The help that they give includes employment assistance training and permanent housing opportunities at no cost to the homeless. Also offers literacy programs and computer jobs training.

    This site talks about 9 basic human needs.  These needs are:
        1) Security            4) Exchange          7) Acceptance,
        2) Adventure         5) Power               8) Community
        3) Freedom           6) Expansion         9) Expression
    Each category is explained in greater detail at the site.

    This one gives ten basic needs of humans. They are:
        1)environment         4) food,            7) communication   
        2) water                 5) housing         8) fuel
        3) clothing              6) health care    9) education, AND

      10) Cultural and Spiritual Development.

    This site discusses the definition of the French phrase "Noblesse oblige."  Which means: nobility obliges; those in high position must be responsible. This website brings up the question brings up the question of moral obligation to help those who are need.  People who are needy need help and only those of higher position can help them.

    This website talks about the campaign 2000 in which voters have to decide between two wealthy candidates who have no personal experience on middle-class money issues like Social Security, health insurance, college tuition, and tax reform.  The website brings up that there is nothing wrong with being wealthy and being involved in politics.  The author of the article mentions Houghton and Rockefeller are the last surviving practitioners of "noblesse oblige."  He states that "these people do not hide from their wealth but accept their proposition that a substantial inheritance brings a responsibility to serve the public."  This site gives an example of noblesse oblige.  The idea of noblesse oblige can strengthen an argument based on providing for people who are need.

    This site contains an article discussing the importance of safe, affordable housing.  "Housing is an essential factor to resolving the social problems of society."  I think this is a good website that discusses our nation's homeless and substandard housing problem.  The website brings up good issues and backs them up with good facts.

    This site shows interesting facts and statistics about the internet.  The site discusses the kind of people who use the net, what the people do on the net, and the size and growth of the net.  I think this is a very good page for anyone to use because it gives good facts about the type of people that use the net.  These facts can also help back up your arguments and overall strengthen your paper.

    This web site talks about a program that has been created by a non-profit organization that created a newspaper that is composed of stories and poems written by homeless people. The non-profit organization sells the newspapers to homeless people for 25 cents and the homeless people sell them for a dollar. This lets the people get money to buy food or clothes.

    This web site tells people motivated people how to start there own newspaper for homeless people to sell. It tells people how to get started and how to keep it going. It also tells some of the problems that people might come across, like deciding of what of the many entries should be selected to be put the newspapers.

    This web site is mainly a page that contains links to many different organizations that will be able to help those who are homeless or someone that might become homeless in a couple of days or weeks.

    The Journal of Ordinary Thought is a web site that is a newspaper written by homeless people. On the web site they have every issue made. Each issue is filled with literature by people that have become homeless. The site has some links that talk all about The JOT. It has one that will let you subscribe, it lets people know about all the upcoming events and readings and where they will be held.

    This web site is for a organization called StreetWrites and is based in Seattle, Washington. It gives homeless people a place to write whatever is they wish to share. This way they can get their literature directly onto the Internet. If you go through some of the links that it has that go to different pages within the site you will eventually find a list of some of some of the writers works.

    This page has an article about a man who went to college but couldn't get a job and ended up becoming homeless. He wanted to be a writer and even though he had no home he ended up writing his book anyway. cool story.

    This page is a brief summary of a book called The Mole People by Jennifer Toth. the book is a documentary, i guess, about the people that live underground in sewer pipes and abandoned underground rooms. How they live and why they have made the choice to abandon their lives on the surface.

    This is a good government site with lots of information on what is offered to homeless people

    This site seems to focus on children but it is also a good resource for how the internet helps homeless.

    This is a program that helps people get computer who would otherwise not be able to afford them

    This site thoroughly describes many of the problems public internet terminals have.

    This site has lot of information on homeless people. Some parts are very general while others are very in depth.

    Huge list of public internet and technology services.

    Have not looked over this site yet but it looks like it is all about public internet access

    This site is pretty cool because it is aimed at both homeless people and people with homes. This has resources to help people get back on their feet or just have a good time on the net.

    This site is a summary site with other helpful links that may be useful, it also has a summary of each site that it lists.

    This site gives an overview of how the to help the homeless get on the net, and train the on the net.

    This site is a listing of questions and answers about homeless people about a program in Detroit that is called ANCHOR but I am not sure what it is all about yet because i haven't got to look into it good yet.

    Well this site is one that the San Jose Library has put together to help the homeless search the web and it also gives a local listings of shelters and people to contact in the shelters.

    Another site with Homeless links and summaries.

    If you are looking for a site with lots of numbers and statistics this is a good place to look.  The page was put out by the U.S. Government Bureau

    This site has a bunch of links to other sites, e-mails, and news articles.  There is a lot of unrelated articles to but if you surf through the links you can find some good information

    This page is entitled homeless links and the name pretty much says it all.  There is no real information on the page but a lot of other links to pages dealing with homelessness

    Internet empowers work with the homeless.  The title is a little misleading but it is still a good page it talks about how the goverment ignores the homeless issue and what people are doing about it

    This site is entitled homeless people and the internet.  This is probably the most useful site that I found.  This page deals with the exact thing that the beheard site does.

        This site is ok it is just trying to get people involved in trying to resolve the problem of hunger.

        This site isn't too helpful but he said that he wouldn't mind it if we wanted to promote his sight with ours we could.  There are a lot of different links off of this one page.


        This site would be a good one to put with our site because it is nothing but finding homeless people a shelter in their area.

    This fact sheet reviews definitions of homelessness and describes the demographic characteristics of persons who experience homelessness. A list of resources for further study is also provided.

    You do a variety of searches on this data base to find information on the homeless.

    Although this website is not direct itself toward the homeless, it is directed to those in the community.  It could show how people view the homeless

    Gives different facts about the homeless

    Poverty fact sheet.

    Homeless Research

    The websites goes into depth about homelessness in rural areas.

    (The two pages are from the same person.  Just different servers.) This is a page of "history in a song" songs.  He has a whole list of songs about the homeless, beggers, hoboes, etc...  Thought they aren't all about
the homeless, its an interesting site, one I think is worth checking out.

    This is a professor's history class page.  Its primarily about the Great Depression, but it does contain some information about the homeless of the era.  I don't know if this will help anyone else,  but it is interesting

    This page mainly deals with how Roosevelt tried to solve some of the problems of the depression, including homelessness.

    This is really cool.  This is a news paper article at about how they donated free DSL lines to a Homeless shelter and free access that way the homeless can be on the internet.  They say that its important cause
you need to know the internet to get a job in the world of today and tomorrow.

    This is a link to a Newspaper article in the Chicago Reporter about how the Street Wise nespaper is selling more than ever but the vendors are making less money than ever.

    A page that contains links to many homeless sites.


    A this is a link to a gopher site. which you use a regular webbrowers to go to, that tells of how to join a listserve,(like ssminnow) thats made up of the homeless, once homeless and those that want to help.

    This is the North American Street Nespapper Association's site has link to many street newspapers and info about  streetnewspapers.

    Links to info and stuff about Real Change a Seattle based street Paper.

    This is a news article from May 98 about a fight emerging between 2 street competing street newspapers in San Fransio. One paper was started there and teh otehr is moving there from London.

    Yet another street newspaper.  They took off when Phil Collins starting distributing them at his concerts.

    This is Street Writes.  It is a workshop put on by Street Wise that helps to teach the homeless how to right and to Empower Them.

    This is The Wall. It is a bunch of banner ads for homeless websites.  Some of them pretty cool.  And since it contains links to them I will not list them in this email.  Its actually a pretty small page but the links are to pages that for the most part i hadnt come accross yet.

    The site is the Web Site for a homeless poet.  Contains a pic of her and a bunch of her work.  The poems are very good and represent why the Homeless disserve a voice.  I think you should all stop by and read  a few
of them.

    This is to a center called St. Catherine's Center for Children located in Albany, NY. This center provides educational, mental health, and social services programs for less fortunate children.


    This site is a charity web site that helps families affected by poverty,homelessness and disabilities.

    This site is about two organizations that joined together to make Shelter Outreach Plus. This shelter provides many services and programs such as Domestic Crisis Programs and the Mobile Out Reach Service Team(MOST). MOST
goes out to the communities and shelters and help provide food, clothes, transportation, and help with medical assistance.

    This web site publishes books that  teaches others how to provide services to the homeless. This site deals with the homeless indirectly.


    A Gopher service from Colorado State...The homeless alternative to UPI and Reuters. In other words, get a bunch of homeless newspapers over the net. If you're gonna look at any of my links, check this one out.

    Designed to gather resources together for the benefit of the homeless and to "help bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots."

    Why should homeless people use the internet. Read this for a few ideas.

    An article about Chicago's "Streetwise" newspaper.

    How to organize a "Homeless Newspaper" in your own city...Their mission: "A Homeless Newspaper in Every City by the Year 2000" ...I think the page is a little outdated. ;)

    More on getting a homeless newspaper started in your city...

    National Coalition for the homeless...

    This is a web site for a free Internet Service Provider.  This can allow homeless people access to the Internet if they have a computer, but do not yet have access to the web,  This will give them an opportunity to surf the Internet, to look for jobs and other information that will help them in society.

    This web site contains one organization that is battling against homelessness.  They try to attract homeless people and then help them make their lives better.

    This web site describes an organization based in Seattle, Washington.  The organization helps homeless people get food, clothing, cellular phones for people to call home and to keep teens off the streets, and other necessities for these people.

    This organization explains ways people can help end poverty, and provide help for homeless people.  They indicate their missions and how people like us can help them complete their mission.

    This site allows you to click a link every day to donate food to the homeless people that can benefit their life.It mostly donates food to people in African countries instead of homeless people in our area or around the United States.

    This web site donates a percentage of money you use to but their products and donates it to homeless people.