Teams & Team Members


        We are redoing the BeHeard forum page, "Connect With Others".  This is the link page where you can get to Under the Bridge and The Bathroom Wall.  We have redone most of the writing on the page to make it more understandable and readable for everyone.  We're working on changing the graphics on the page to make them more welcoming and color coordinated.  We think our redesign will make the page more user friendly and accessible.

Jason Underwood
Bobby Pratt
Scott Taylor
J. Scott Taylor


        To advertise the site on-line we registered it with the street ring web ring. We also inserted medi tags on the site, so it would be picked up by search engines.
        Off-line we advertised by making signs and table tents to distribute to the public.

Latrice Spann
Jerry Wilson


    For the project, as the Webmaster, I had to compile all of the information, graphics, and ideas that the rest of the class contributed and put it together so that it flows very smoothly.  I had to begin with linking to our research wing from the previous class's web page.  I then branched off into other areas of our research wing so that it could easily be navigated.  It was not an easy task to make the page, and limit the size so that is looked very presentable on a variety of resolutions.  Due to the cooperation with other members of the class i was able to group all of the information together.  I have created a web site that has been reviewed by the Project Manager and seems to be a very good representation of what our class provided for this project.

Brian R. Crounse


    For the Links page, the linkers decided to take some of the positive websites that pertained to the needs of the homeless from the SS Minnows that the class posted.  We used some of the comments made by the classmates as an introduction to the websites.

Tomeka Smalls
Paul Beattie


    For the project site we first looked at the project site created from last year.  We decided to create a new web page, and not use what had been created and work off of it.  For the project site we made four sections:  the planning for each group (this section), the list of helpful links found by the class and summaries/opinions of the sites, the emails sent in the planning of this project, and the emails of everyone's reflections after completing the project helping to explain to the class next year what they will be doing, thus creating this site.

Matthew Pugliese
Athen Tate
John Guignard