Everyone's Year End Reflections:
Fall 2000 English 102 Class

Greetings Third generation Beheard class,

Are you ready for a wild ride?

Maybe if you are reading this as a warm up to either your third or fourth projects, you do not quite know what to make of all these emails.  I remember that Chris had us to read all of the first generation Beheard reflective letters and I got a little overwhelmed.  Well, I hope that you  will not get overwhelmed as I did and I hope that you will come to understand a little bit about the journey that we took in English 102 that led us to the wonderful additions to the Beheard web site.

For the Beheard web site project, I was in a group that dealt with graphics standards primarily for what came to be known as the research wing and a also for any types of upgrades to the original site.  We decided that we wanted uniformity for the site as a whole and therefore decided to keep basically the same format as was on the original site, you can see this by clicking on the research wing section.  We also decided to go with a green background for our research papers which proved a bit controversial in the class, but by the end, I think that no one else had the energy to change the color.  Personally, I liked the color as it was appealing to the eye and it offered up something a little different for the reading pleasure of the sit visitors.  However, If your class finds it to be grotesque, then you may consider changing it.

Our project, nevertheless, was a great success!  I think that it turned out so well even given limited time because we divided up the jobs and each worked as hard as we could.  If the job had been left to one or two individuals, it certainly could not have been done and thus you must understand that team work is the best solution to the problems that you will encounter during this project.  Notice that I said WILL because problems can and do arise with so much hard and ground breaking work to be done.

I know that your class will make the Beheard site even better and I look forward to seeing your revisions.


Alex Long


Dear English 102,

I guess I will have to be honest with you, when i first got this assignment I thought that our teacher was insane. How in the world could I write a 10 page research paper on something I knew nothing about? I also thought what is the purpose of helping the homeless get Internet access. After I started doing the research and actually found out that the Internet was actually helping them improve their quality of life, It became more interesting to me. I mean I started to think that this is a worth while cause.

The more I got into the assignment the more I wanted to do with it but we just didn't have enough time. So it is up to your class to pick up where we left of. To make the Beheard site able to be heard. Find new things that are on the Internet such as the free long distance and free anything that you think will help them and add it to Beheard. The only way it will ever be a success is if we get our fellow men and women of the street and back into life, and the only way to accomplish this is by helping them to keep up with technology.

The best advice I can give you is to listen to your professor because no matter how crazy you might think she is she will be a big help to you. I mean I never look past the obvious in things but I think in having her class I will be more open to new ideas and change. So take this project serious and do your best on it because it is worth while. I know now after having as little of time as our class we could have taken it a lot farther. I recommend that keep urging her get to this project because the more time you have will most likely lead to a better time and it will be well spent. So have fun and good luck because what she is assigning might sound impossible, but it isn't. Have fun and learn a lot.


Chris Ready


Dear next class,

We made a lot of improvements to the beheard site since the class before us.  We added the research wing to the site and fixed a lot of the problems that they had with the site.  Check out some of the links that we put on there to help you with your research papers and improving on what we did with the site.  The site was a lot of work but I think it was worth it.  We really didn't have enough time to get everything done and we were in a big rush the whole time so some of it might not be complete.

One of the main things that ya'll need to do to the site is make sure that you update all of the links and update a lot of the things we put in there.  One of the things that needs to be updated is the tutorial.  It needs to be redone pretty much every year because it gets outdated by all the new services being offered out there and all the new things that the homeless can do to improve their lives.

The main thing that I would do for your research is to start early on it.  When it comes near the deadline for it everything starts to pile up.  I had so much to do the last week of class that it was ridiculous.  Just start early and you will be fine.  I hope you have a good year and that you have fun in the class.

Clark Thompson

Dear English 102-Fall 2000

Welcome to the BEHEARD development team. On this project you will experience many different things. Which includes headaches and class disagreements. But it is all in fun. This site is a very helpful tool to people who are not fortunate to have everyday access to the Internet. Working on this site will make you feel good about helping others.

On this site I worked on the Promotions team. My partner and I Jerry Wilson was in charge of getting the word out about Beheard. We made flyers and table tents to go in public libraries and homeless shelters. While doing this we learned that some homeless shelters have terminals to help people find jobs on line. If there is a promotions group next time you'll may want to work on the meda tags and to make sure it is still being picked up at Street Ring. This project makes you feel good about  helping yourself. Although you began on this towards the end of the year you have to put in a lot of time to make the site a success. When things don't work out don't give up, there are going to be some hard times and a lot of out side class work and group meetings.  Bathroom wall and under the bridge needs to have attention drawn to it. Also make sure the site stays directed toward the homeless.

If you are reading this and have no clue what you are going to be doing. Calm down and relax. When Chris first explained it to us we all thought see was out of her mind. but after awhile we really got into the site and what we needed to do. GOOD LUCK on your additions to site.
Latrice Spann  

While some watch on the sidelines and cheer loudly, the true winner runs the field and becomes a hero. The quite ones always win. Sit back and wait for the attack so you can counter attack strategically. Strike first only when you are 100% sure that you are in the right and can win. This is what I learned last semester. As you, the next class to carry on the task ahead, work on your English 102 projects I implore that you look to the tasks ahead with confidence and enthusiasm. The path is getting deeper and deeper while the moonlight glimmers and permeates through the clouds above. The year has been charitable to us, and I am unequivocal in my creed that you will be capable of employing your skills to culminate most any avocation that you are presented with in English 102. Reflecting upon my class memoirs, I realize how much we accomplished and how much fun I had doing it all. Our class has run the gauntlet and survived. It is now up to the next group to pick up where we left off and continue on the path that we have guided them toward. Good Luck! 

-Matthew Pugliese

To next year's English class:

For Dr. Boese's Engl. 102 class of the Spring 2000 semester, we were assigned to improving the Beheard site.  The Beheard site is a web page that is directed towards the homeless. The point of the site is to educate people on how to use the different components of the internet and how to gain free access to the Net.  This site was created by her previous laptop class.   The responsibility of my class was to make some improvements.  The major improvement that we made was the addition of a research wing.  In this wing, each person had to write a 10-page research paper on a topic relating to homelessness and technology.  For our research wing, we also included a picture of our class to give the world an idea of who is responsible for the research papers.

Now, our class passes the Beheard torch to you.  Now, your class in going to have to build on the improvements that we made.  I have to warn you.  It's not going to be an easy job.  The assignment to improve the webpage was assigned near the end of the semester.  During this time, everyone is extremely tired and worn out from the stress of upcoming exams and other class projects that are due at the same time.  But when you are actually finish and can look back at what you have accomplished, it is a good feeling.  Once you finish, a big burden is lifted off your back.  Our class worked extremely hard and everyone is proud of the results.  If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the work, just hang in there.  It may seem impossible, but it's not.  We felt the same way and I'm sure the class before us had the same feelings of frustration.

  Improving the website was a good experience.  While doing research on the homeless people of the world, I have learned a tremendous amount about how some people became poor.  It made me more sympathetic to their feelings.  Not everyone that is homeless, is in that condition because of laziness.  Some people were put in situations that they couldn't not handle--situations like being laid off from work, mental illness, etc.  The research wing can broaden your perspective on the homeless situation. I'm proud to be a part of that.  When I first found out that we had to make improvements to the webpage, my attitude was that we should just leave it as it is.  I was feeling tired and stress, but I'm glad that we were pushed to continue working.  Everyone did their fair share of whining, but overall it made our class stronger and more knowledgeable.  I wish your class a lot of luck.  Work hard and stay strong.  Take care and may God bless you.

Issiah Byrd



"Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes thatJesus is the Son of God."  (1 John 5:5) 

Dear Future English Class,

As I sit here and write this  letter to you, I hope that you will take my advise and the advise of others to heart.  We spent many hours of class time and our own time adding a research wing to the already made Beheard Site.  What is the Beheard Site you might say.  This site is one where it gives out information to the homeless people .  This site is different from the many other sites on the World Wide Web because we are talking to the homeless people not just about them.  Our particular wing of this site was the research wing.  The research wings combines research papers from the class that deals with problems that homeless people or ones that are less fortunate face.  Valuable information is contained in these research papers that will help inform the homeless and others.

When we started the addition to the web site, the most important thing was organization.  It is important to have someone that is willing to take control and to distribute the work for everyone to do.  If this does not get done then nothing will get done.  There has to be some sort of leadership so people feel like something is getting done.  The next important thing is to have some that is very knowledgeable about computers be the "web master."  This job would probably be the hardest one out of all of them.  This person has to know so much about creating web pages.

In doing this project, time was one of the determining factors.  We did not have nearly enough time to put the polishing touches on the web site.  It would be easier for you and your group if you could have more in class time.  Time in the classroom was when most people got the majority of the work done.  It is easier to communicate with your group and other groups when they are across the room instead of across campus.  One last thought:  Get along with everybody and realize that everyone is just trying to do their job.  Your ideas might clash with others but there has to be some happy median between the two.  If you see a group having problems, go over and try to help them.  Each group is contributing to this project and the project will only be a good as the weakest "link."

Have a great semester, and good luck!!!
Cindy Richardson(864) 858-8918

"It take more muscles to frown, than to smile....so turn that frown upside down.!"

Dear Next Semester Class,

I am here to give you some advice on how to deal with this big project you have to do.  By now Dr. Boese has either taken you outside to the amphitheatre or told you in class about this huge project, and you are wondering how to deal with this.  At first, I was overwhelmed by how much work I had to do.  On top of this project, I had finals to study for and projects in other classes to do.  I was about to panic and almost lose for a second.  What I am about to do with this letter is give you  some advice and some pointers to make your life a bit more easier towards the last remaining weeks of this semester.  Don't worry you'll get through it, and once you do you'll be proud of yourself that you were able to get through this.

Alright right now you are wondering how in the world are you going to do this because that is what was going on in my head when I first started this project.  First things first you need to find a topic of interest you want to research.  This may seem a bit easy but actually I think it is one of the hardest things to do for a research paper is find a topic and the  matter of getting started.  Your topic can be about anything that may interest you about the issue.  Just try and think about something that you want to find the answer too.  Once you find your topic you may want to do research on your topic.  Try and start with the Internet to get some background information on your topic.  The Internet does not provide a lot of detailed information but background information to give you ideas to research more into your topic.  Also try and look in magazines, newspapers, etc. for information, I found these sources of information the most useful.  After doing all this research, you are probably mind boggled after reading this information and are about to write your paper.  My advice to this is take a break that's if you started early enough.  Well what I am trying to say this paper can not wait over night to do and should be broken up into little manageable parts everyday so the work does not seem overwhelming.

Now, with the Beheard Site, my class added the research wing, improved the tutorial, added a links page, and a survey.  Still there is much to do with the site and it is far from being complete.  Time is a factor when creating this site and if were allowed more time on this website it can be made better.  Well what I am about to do is offer some advice on things that need to be improved.  Well the GUI for Beheard can be made easier to use and more user friendly for people who have never used a computer in their life.  The links on the Beheard Site also can have a description to the links so people will know what the links are about.  On the project site we have a description on the links of other sites related to ours, but I don't think it is up yet on the Beheard Site.  Also what I think will be useful for the Project Manager is to make filters for all the e-mail circulating on this website.  This will make it easier to find e-mail in Eudora, Outlolook, or whatever e-mail service you  have.  Trust me it really works because we did it last semester and we were able to find information quicker and status among the other groups instead of having e-mail pandemonium.

Well, I don't know if my advice was any useful in helping you get through this.  I know I said earlier in the letter, but start as soon as possible.  Do not procrastinate because you will not get it done.  There is so much work related to this project that it takes a lot of time, but if you break it into little manageable parts everyday, it will make this project a lot more easier.  Well I am going to let you go.  Good Luck with the Project.

Leo Gumapas

Dear fellow Clemson Students

This project as you will see is to solve a very important problem.  You can easily get wrapped up in it.  There will be much o do and know matter how early Chris gives you the assignment its not enough time.  Don't do like me and put it off, start right away.  Information can be hard to come by and so can help but its there you might just have too look in a place that you wouldn't expect.  I found that i had to look very broad for information and apply it myself, you will probably have to do the same.  As for the web site it will become a success but it needs more work form great students like you.  Good luck.

Brad Toy

Dear Fall Semester English 102 Class,

My name is Jason Underwood. I had English 102 last semester. I am writing this letter for you. This letter is for your advantage. Included is a brief summary of what I think of the BeHeard site. You don't know what that is right now, but believe me you soon will find out. I'm not going to explain it now, Chris will do that when the time comes.

I am quite proud of the BeHeard site. I personally didn't think that a group of kids could create such a huge web site. I was impressed when it was finished. I think that if you work as hard on the site as my class worked on it then this thing will be getting pretty nice. I think that the site has a great purpose, teaching those who do not know how to use the Internet.

My favorite part of the site would have to be the on-line tutorials and the connect with others pages. I think that these are the two most important pages on the site. The on-line tutorial will teach the visitor all about the web and how to use it. The connect with others page will be a place where those new users can gather and communicate. Hopefully with time the BeHeard site will be the home for many on-line personalities.

Thank you

Jason Underwood


To next years class,

Well you guys are in for a treat.  I feel like our class left you with a good start but there is still a lot of work left to be done.  This semester our class improved the current beheard site.  Our goal was to fix the site to get all of the links working and make everything coherant.  Also we rewrote many of the pages to gear them more for the homeless instead of the avid web surfer.  Our main acomplishment this semester was the research wing that we added.  This part of the site was non existant when we began our project but by now should be up and running.  One other thing that we did was to try and get the word out on the beheard site.  We did a lot of promotional work so that people would start going to the site.

The main recomendations that I have for you guys when you begin this pain staking task would be first when chris first tells you what you are going to be doing for the rest of the semester start right away.  You have no idea how much work you have ahead of you so you need to get started.  With the communicating with other section of the site one of the forums that we used is difficult to understand so somebody needs to go in and change that.  Other than that I can't think of anything else. 

Good luck and have fun.

-Bobby Pratt


Overall this is a enjoyable class.  The professor is a bit strange but most will enjoy it.  I have noticed that there are just some students thatlike here and some that don't.  Lots of people start off liking her and then get sick of her.  What I liked most about this class is all the sci-fi and technology content.  This is much more interesting to me than the usually English stuff.  I am not one of the people that started to hate her but I did get frustrated when we had so little time to work on some projects.

The Blade Runner is probably the best project we did. We got to spend 3class periods watching the movie and then we wrote a essay on how to definea human.  It really makes you exercise critical thinking and argument.  Thenext project was Einstein's dreams.  I did not like all the theories that much because theyall seemed pretty far fetched but it was also interesting still.  There wasalso the argument analysis which was kinda boring but not to hard.

The final project was the Beheard site.  We really did not have thatmuch time on it.  We were in charge of the tutorial section which neededlittle improvement.  We added some links, definitions and reworded somethings but that was about it.  If we had more time we probably would haveput up a new section about free internet webpages and stuff like that.Since we only had about 2 weeks and we could not figure out a way to makeidentical buttons for other sections we were not able to do much else.Other then that I really don't know much else about the site.  I was reallyimpressed on how our hits have jumped over just a few weeks.  I don't knowhow our class made such a difference that so many people would want to checkit out but I think it is great.  I guess the search engine stuff and metatabs really helped.  Other then that I just suggest that you keep Chrishappy by doing all the work and reading and also being different.  Also the research paper is not near as bad as it seems.

Sam Shartzer.

Dear Fall Class of 2000,

 You have just taken on a huge responsibility in the BeHeard site.  It is very time consuming but turns out to be a lot of fun and a learning experience.  Here are a few things you can take into consideration before you try and tackle this web site.

 The biggest problem you will have about working on this is the time restraint.  So if you poke Chris a bit she will give you a little more time and you won't be so stressed in the end.  You should also never get behind because that is the worst mistake possible.  Another big point is that you have to have a good line of communication with all of your other group members.  They are all you have to help you so you must keep in constant contact to be up to date.  Something that helped our class out greatly was the fact that we had a great project site manager and co-manager.  They worked hard to keep us all on task and set on finishing our part.  Finally I think the most important thing you should take into account is that this site is going to be shown to all kinds of corporations so you need to go into this with your best foot forward.  You don't need to goof around because all of this is going to help people that are less fortunate.

 So don't freak out when you are down to two weeks left and you get this huge project, we managed.  There is still a lot of work that can be done to better this site.  When you are done there will still be lots of work to be done.  As of now this site has been passed onto you and is your project now.

Jerry Wilson