A List Of E-Mails Sent to the Project Managers:

Kelly Bryant (Project Manager):

I have not started working much, but I have a lot of ideas.  I am working on my research paper, and waiting for pages that may come to may that i need to work on.  Chris said she will download the old beheard site to the share drive, so i can use the old site as a layout for this year's site.  I do not mind at all creating the web pages, but i am not very creative.  If you have and ideas, or know anyone that does, please contact me, or have them contact me on what they think would be some good ideas, for the site.  I can create almost anything possible on the Internet, i just need some good ideas.  Thank you.



you basically know what i have done.  i am ready to work on that web site all next week.  I plan to do most of my research project this weekend, so i can devote all of my time to BeHeard after tuesday of next week.  If you feel i should be doing more, let me know and i will do it.  Thank you.

Brian R Crounse


please forward this to the graphics group.

Graphics Group,

        I have surfed the web to find this font, which is what the class used last semester.  Please copy this file (Baskerville Old Face.ttf) to       "C:\WINDOWS\FONTS\"  and reboot your computer.  Now when you go to choose the font, this will be a choice.  If you have any problems, please reply to me.  Thank you.

Brian R Crounse


        The following is a detailed progress of the links on the beheard site:
                I have checked over a numerous amounts of links and they all seem to be working well at the moment. I would like to recommend that we make a new page with links to homeless pages on the net. For example we can put some of the links that all of our classmates sent to us on there. I think that there is a need for this. Let me know what you think.
Thank you

Paul Beattie

From: Latrice Spann
        Jerry Wilson
To: Kelly Bryant
Cc: Chris Boese
Re: BeHeard Promotions


        Put in Medi Tags in Web site
        Finish Table Tents for Library
        Street Ring is still in progress. The site needs to be uploaded to the server

Goals for Next Week
        Print and Distribute Advertisements
        Register site at search engines

Hello Kelly,

        This is Chris Ready I was going to tell you that I have been Scanning through the Tutorial site at Beheard site. Now before i can scan every link they must all be working first. The ones that aren't working are the ones scattered through the paragraphs on the Tut home page. Now I was scanning the Free email link and Think that we could add many more free email sites to that. The other options is to find the best one snd recommend it and maybe if we advertise a specific one like that they may want to support our site so that is a couple of options. As for the Free web page site that we have links to, well i haven't ever used any of them so i will have to let someone more experienced do that. That is all i have so far so let me know were i need to go form here.

Chris Ready

To day in class we looked over the tutorial section more and added new
links for free internet email.   Monday we started to make new buttons for
new sections we plan to add to tutorial but we could not create a good roll
over picture that matched the originals.

Sam Shartzer
Brad Toy
Chris Ready