Will the Writings of the Homeless Affect How Users See the Internet?
By: Jason Underwood

My research paper is on the topic of homeless people and the Internet. My paper will combine the two and talk about how one affects the other. The official topic of my research paper is “How the writings of the homeless will affect the Internet as a body of people.” The homeless people, as of now, do not have access to the Internet so right now there are no websites or writings by homeless people on the Internet. Does this means that I will not be able to research my topic? No, I still will be able to investigate my topic; I will just have to use a very sideways method to get the information I need. As of right now almost every website on the Internet has been made by upper/middle class people. And almost everyone that is on the Internet are upper/middle class people. So right now everyone of the Internet only sees websites directed toward the upper/middle class. If the homeless and lower class people gain access to the internet and start building WebPages directed toward the lower class then something will definitely change. What that is cannot be precisely determined, but it can be predicted. The way I intend to accomplish the task of writing a paper on a topic that has no facts is not simple, but it will work. The plan is to study other subjects where the public can see both the items directed toward the upper and middle class and the items directed toward the lower class. Both branches of the subjects will be studied and the differences will be recorded. The subjects that will be studied are, architecture, movies, fantasy books, and toys.

I looked at the advertisements for houses and Real Estate companies. I recorded how they presented themselves to the two branches of society. The Real Estate companies on the web that are directed toward those who have a great deal of money to spend, are different than those that are directed toward those who do not have much money to spend on a house. The websites that advertises expensive houses have more pictures, these pictures are of better quality, and they were done by professionals.  The expensive Real Estate websites also had more houses located in better places while the inexpensive Real Estate companies have locations in subdivisions and isolated areas. The websites for expensive houses were friendly and very in depth, while some of the websites for the inexpensive houses were short and too the point. They didn’t give the site a homely appeal. Some of the websites for the expensive houses had many pages. They had pages for maps of the areas they sold houses in, and pages filled with questions that potential buyers might ask, and a page that had phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, and email addresses to all the their offices local and abroad. 

When I did the reaearch for the movies I didn't see a clear cut difference between the two types. I don't think that any subject would have a clear cut difference though. I looked at movies from a couple of different genres, I looked at dramas and actions and gangsta/rappa films. Now it is true that the upper class and the lower class both watch every genre of movie out there, but certain types of movies are directed toward certain classes. The movies directed toward upper class citizens, like Apollo 13, The Bodyguard, and The Fugitive, all deal with problems and situations that upper class people deal with. For example in Apollo 13, the third attempt at landing on the moon going wrong. This is the story for the upper class citizen. This is what they care about; this is what they talk about. These topics are important to them. In films like Boyz N the Hood, Friday, and Dangerous Minds, these are being directed toward the lower class. This is so, because the situations in the films are situations the lower class would have seen or could relate to. Movies directed toward upper class people are more prone to have actors that the upper class would recognize, like Harrison Ford and Kevin Costner. While the movies aimed at the lower class would have actors that they would be familiar with, like Lawrence Fishburne and Ice Cube. Some of the situations in the films directed toward the lower class are drug dealers, poor families, and gangs. The way film companies promote movies for the upper class is different than the way companies present films for the lower class. The differences between how the two are advertised are that the films for the upper class show more footage of the parts that they would be interested in. An example of this would be when the James Bond film “Golden Eye” came out. When the trailer for that movie came out there was a lot of footage showing Bond driving the new BMW Z3 roadster. Only people of the upper class would have enough money to be interested in such a car. People of the upper class are interested to see movies that they can relate to. The movies that are directed toward the lower class are previewed with footage showing the gunfights and the drug dealing. 

Fantasy Novels
Most fantasy novels are directed toward the upper class. Almost every fantasy novel that I can think of has white characters in it. I’m not saying that anyone that is not white is not in the upper class. Just that Black or Hispanic fantasy does not seem to be very popular. I have searched for fantasy novels with Black or Hispanic characters and I have not found anything. I am sure that if I look hard enough and long enough I would eventually find a cardboard box  in the back of a Goodwill somewhere filled to the brim with Hispanic Fantasy novels. I'm sure that they are out there somewhere but actually finding them is not easy. Of course no research should be easy.

If one goes to the nearest Kmart or KB Toys one will find differences between the way certain toys are sold. Some are directed toward rich children while others are directed toward poor children. These differences are not very obvious but the differences are there. Toys that are 
in the group directed toward the wealthy children all have basically the same characteristics. They all usually big and strong, electronic and fragile, or just for looks.  The toys that are in the group directed toward the poor children also have some of the same traits. Most of these toys were small, simple, and have multi-uses. It seems to me that both sets of toys would be suitable for a young child, just that the toys, depending on which ones the child played with, might change his view on the world. If a child has only small simple toys and that is all he knows then the child will believe that the entire world is made up of simple things. This is how the  child will percieve the world. When the rich children grow up having expensive toys that are very fragile, electronic, and complicated then this child will percieve the world as being a huge, intrecate network that can not pretect itself from outside enemies.  I think that the way companies get different class children to buy certain toys is that the company just geers the toy so that it really appeals to the certain classes. The toys for the rich kids deal with things that they are used to using. Examples of these things are computers and software and video games. If the rich kid is into movies or comic books then that child would also be adept to buy statuettes of the different characters. If the child was from the poor family then the toys directed toward the child would also deal with things that the child is used to. Examples would be little trucks and cars, fake guns and knives, and 

Combination of the differences
Based on the four examples taked about above it can be predicted what the affects the writings and WebPages of the homeless will have on the Internet as a body of people. In the first example with the archetechure, it was found out that the differences between the way the public viewed the advertisements of the rich houses and the poor were the pictures the two put up and the quality of the photos, the locations avalible from each of the two types, and the help each one provided, meaning, phone numbers and a question/answer sheet. The main differences between the two types of Real Estate advertising are that the expencive advertising is more friendly, more colorful, and more helpful. While the less expencive advertising is short and too the point, but it is not as helpful or as astheticly pleasing. 

These are the differences between the way movies are directed toward the two classes. First the movies for each of the classes depict subjects and topics that the certain class would care about. This true for both so this is not a difference. The only difference is the subjects or topics the two types of movies show. The main difference between the way the two types of movies are presented to the public is that the movies directed toward the upper class have more things that the upper class likes in their advertisments. A couple of examples are, big cars or fast cars, and gadgets. The things that the movies directed toward the lower class advertise are gun fights, gangs, and drugs. 

When I looked at the fantasy books, i discovered something. I discovered that i couldn't find any fantasy books by minority authors. I looked all over the Internet, but I didn't find a thing. I would assume that the difference between the two kinds of books would be that the fantasy books for the lower class would be on subjects that the lower class is not a part of. Some examples of these would be owning big houses, and being famous. The fantasy books for the rich people would problaby be about their wildest dreams. An couple of examples would be going on an expedition  into the desert to find diamonds, or to be chased by bandits through a small rural town.

My differences between the toys was pretty much the same as the ones before 


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