Some Interesting Links


This is a site with some straight facts. It has some interesting numbers and statistics on homelessness:


This is a website dedicated to talking to the homeless. It is a message board where homeless people can communicate with one another.


This site gives information about the rights that homeless people have. This site has alot of good facts.                   


This web site gives the insight into homeless people's lives. It talks about views on different issues. This site seems that it is working with homeless people on the internet. It has a place were homeless people can speak out and be heard about issues that effect them directly.    


This is another site that would be good. It has homeless people's views and news. This site might give more information about homeless people around the world. It has a way that you can change the language to other languages. Might get an inside view into what they are really going through here in the United States and around the world.


This is a newspaper article at about how they donated free DSL lines to a Homeless shelter and free access that way the homeless can be on the internet. They say that its important cause you need to know the internet to get a job in the world of today and tomorrow.


This is the Journal of Ordinary Thought. It is a journal that allows homeless people to publish their poems. The poems are very powerful and deal with real issues.                                                                          


The National Coalition for the Homeless is a site that deals with many issues of homelessness.                                                                  


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