Research Wing



      In the English 102 research wing, one will find critical analyses of the technological aspects presented between two social classes--the technological haves and have-nots. The information provided from our research gives insight on many issues dealing with the so-called technological gap. The issues confronted range from "our" moral obligation in helping those in need to suggesting ways to resolve "this" social issue. "Our" hopes with this website are to inform the public in an attempt to bridge the technological gap.

Can the Internet be a Source of Legal Empowerment for the Homeless?
by Alex Long

Technical Education and Advancement of the Homeless
by Clark Thompson

No Computers in the Classroom?
by Cindy Richardson

Race and the Digital Divide: Is it a Factor?
by Tomeka Smalls

The Internet May be a Necessity
by Sam Shartzer

Homeless People and Access to the Internet
by Chris Ready

Satisfying the Indispensable Needs of Humans
by Issiah Byrd

Internet and the Homeless
by Brian Crounse

A Voice for the Homeless
by Paul Beattie

Voice and Empowerment
by Brad Toy

A User Friendly Internet for the Homeless
by Kelly Bryant

Homelessness Through History
by Scott Taylor

Why do Americans Have a Negative Attitude toward the Homeless?
by Bobby Pratt

Volunteering: Value or Esteem Enhancement?
by Leo Gumapas

Will the Writings of the Homeless Affect How Users See the Internet?
by Jason Underwood

More is not always Better
by Latrice Spann

The Impact of the Internet on the Homeless Mentally Ill Population
by John Guignard

Getting Information to the Less Fortunate
by Jerry Wilson