Xenites Talk Back: Narrative Expansion



N103 Web Rings vs Banner Exchanges

>>Wow! I really love the fact that you devoted a lot of analysis to Web rings...I think they are really interesting too. You wonder why the bigger sites do not participate in these. You are right in that the web rings developed after our sites were already firmly established. I can tell you why we do not want to join one now, though. It is simply because whoever is after us in the ring will reap great benefits from it, while we will probably get very few click-throughs from whoever is before us. Simple as that. It just would not be fair. We do have a banner exchange program on Whoosh, which I could explain in more detail if you are interested. But let's save that for a *really* rainy day.

Betsy Book

N104 On NetForum vs Listservs

I agree whole heartedly on why NetForum fails to provide a meeting ground for Xenites... When I first came on line I went there... got frustrated, and quit... Whoosh! provided me with the debates and discussions and insites that I sought. (In fact, it has allowed a forum where by over-analyzing is an accepted social norm... what does the editor say in her list of membership rules... " for psuedo-intellectuals... who secretly want to rule the world"?).




The Ballad of the Internet Nutball: The Xenaverse in Cyberspace

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