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Xenite Dons Flame Retardant Suit

To: "'xenaverse'" <>

Subject: Producers Slighting Renee

Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 12:36:01 -0400


(OK I'm donning my flame retardant suit here but I have to say this)




The only thing I didn't like about BTDT is that Joxer survived!!

I just don't think the character works in the show. Xena is a former

warlord who conquered half of Greece. To constantly she her with a

jester like joxer demeans the Xena character (takes away the dark side)

and weakens the show !!


BUT WHAT REALLY BOTHERS ME is the fact that while the second lead,

Michael Hurst gets a show a year in HTLJ to himself, the same is not

true for Renee O'Connor in X:WP.


In the first season they gave her The Acad. of Perf. Bards. In the

second season they gave the Xena-lite Ep. to Ted (For Whom the Bell

Tolls). A true slap in the face to the second lead, Ms. O'Conner and

her fans!!!! (are the TPTB afraid she can't carry an Ep. on her own??)


TPTB appear to be repeating this again in the third season (Ted. ranted

about his Lucy-lite upcoming Ep. King of Assassins with Bruce Campbell

(Autolycus) at the VF convention). Seems Bruce is an old friend of the

family (used to baby-sit Ted).


Sorry but this seems the WORST form of Nepotism going !!!!! Just what

are the Ex. Producers trying to accomplish ?????


Lets see.... by throwing their friends and family some work they :


Take a hit show based on two strong female leads and disregard them both

to feature two minor male characters, one of which at least (Joxer)

appears to be strongly disliked by a huge number of fans

Predicted Results -

a) They diminish the ratings, by splitting the audience that is

going to want to tune

into a double dose of Ted. (and I've read a lot of posts where

Bruce isn't on the top of the A list of minor characters fans want to

see more of either)


b) They piss of the ROC fans who may see this as an affront to

their star Renee (putting her in a back seat to Ted again for a

second season in the annual Xena-lite Ep.


c) They irritate the he// out of the feminists that will wonder

why the second female lead is being slighted in favor of an Ep

featuring two minor male characters

d) They yank the chain of all the Salmoneous fans who will

wonder why they are seeing a Ted heavy Ep, when their choice as

better/more suitable comic relief hasn't been signed for a single

episode this season


etc. etc. etc.


I can only wonder if the Ex Producers are trying to kill the show???


It's only started its third season, but the producers are already doing

self parody's; seem to constantly disregard the audience to indulge

themselves by pushing Rami's brother and Taperts "stooges gags" (LL told

us at the NY convention that he is a huge stooges fan) on the audience;

and ignore audience demographics (if half your audience hates Joxer but

likes Sal.- then why sign Joxer for 11 eps. and Sal for 0 (are they

trying to kill the ratings?) ; and if your audience has a huge female

following that wants to see a strong/dark female lead why make her look

stupid by push the stooges gags - don't the stooges have their strongest

following in the male sector )??? !!!!!


OK I've got that off my chest and have donned my hot suit