>A cardboard Xena "standee" is a life-size photograph of Xena laminated onto a flat cardboard cut-out, like a giant paper doll. Standees are frequently used in retail stores for promotional displays. Xena merchandisers in mid-1998 began selling Xena standees directly to fans, on the Web and through mail-order. They cost $35. HCNBs report that their Xena standee watches over them in bed at night. One fan claimed to have been startled into thinking there was a burglar in her house, because in the dark she forgot the standee was there.

Update: Xenite Tam took a Xena Standee on the ultimate journey! In a benefit for Alheimer's in which Tam was filming a documentary, a folded up Xena Standee went to the Summit of Mt. Killimanjaro. Coming Soon: Photos from the Summit.