The violence in "Xena:WP" has two characteristic styles. One is exhibited in the regularly appearing fight scenes, which show little blood and highlight Xena's superhuman acrobatics. The other style is grittier and sometimes censored by MCA/Universal. In these cases, the violent act often takes place off-screen, and the audience sees the aftermath, from a bloody medical triage scene in "Is There a Doctor in the House?" to scenes of the removal of arrows followed by the hot branding of cauterization. Some brutality does appear on-screen, such as Xena being beaten by her army in "The Gauntlet," or the infamous "Gabdrag" in "The Bitter Suite." While fans often protect their children from viewing such episodes (as Lawless also recommended), many fans appreciate the gritty edge of life-or-death drama these scenes bring, as well as the depth of character it gives to Xena's dark past.