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A Rhetorical Triangle: "Why The Future Doesn't Need Us"
By James Mullinnix & Reed Watson

Human Skulls Mashed by Robots
By Joseph Hecker & Seth Carroll

Bill Joy's Puzzled Thoughts
By Christa Benton & Matt Ciuca

Themes and issues in Bill Joy's "Does the Future Need Us?"
By Robert Yates, Tom Zubrzycki and Mark Stewart


Ick, I've Stepped in Some More Ethos: "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us"
By Justin Haas and Clarice Green

Why the Future Doesn't Need Us
By Cristy White & Jeremy Christie

Argument Analysis of "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us"
By Anne Hosey and Victoria Garner

Human Survival in the 21st Century
By Matthew Ables & Jim Breitmeier

Personal Mini-Essays:
The Class Weighs in on Their Futures

Matthew Ables

Christa Benton

Jim Breitmeier

Seth Carroll

Jeremy Christie

Matt Ciuca

Victoria Garner

Clarice Green

Justin Haas

Joe Hecker

Anne Hosey

James Mullinnix

Mark Stewart

Reed Watson

Cristy White

Robert Yates

Thomas Zubrzycki

Anatomy of an International Debate

Wired 8.04: Why the future doesn't need us.
Archive | 8.04 - Apr 2000 | Wired Magazine

Wired 8.04: A Tale of Two Botanies
Archive | 8.04 - Apr 2000 | Wired Magazine

Wired 8.07: Rants & Raves
Archive | 8.07 - July 2000 | Rants & Raves Wired Magazine

Executive Bios: Bill Joy

Valley to Bill Joy: 'Zzzzzzz'
Lycos Home Wired News Wired Magazine,1282,35424,00.html

Debating Humanity's Demise
Lycos Home | Wired News Wired Magazine,1284,35106,00.html

Why the future needs Bill Joy
Why the future needs Bill Joy A Response to Bill Joy’s "Why the future doesn’t need us" Bill Joy is worried that robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology | Why Bill Joy is Elitist, Myopic, and Wrong
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Special Focus on Bill Joy's Hi-Tech Warning - The Center for the Study of Technology
Special Focus Bill Joy's Hi-Tech Warning (By Center Researcher Jason Specht) Latest News DISCUSSION: Why Bill Joy is Elitist, Myopic and Wrong (Cluebot)

Bill Joy Hopes Reason Prevails
Lycos Home Wired Magazine,1282,39864,00.html

In Search of Cyber Humanity
In Search of Cyber Humanity by Patrick McGee 2:00 a.m. Oct. 28, 2000 PDT CAMDEN, Maine -- In his groundbreaking book The Age of Spiritual Machines, Ra,1294,38846,00.html

Oh Joy, Another Futurist Rant
Lycos Home | Wired Magazine Oh Joy, Another Futurist Rant by L,1282,35539,00.html

Pop!Tech: Praises and Protests
Lycos Home | Wired Magazine Pop!Tech: Praises and Protests by,1284,32099,00.html

The Rise of Dot-Communism
Lycos Home | Wired Magazine The Rise of Dot-Communism by Theta,1284,31922,00.html

Sep/Oct 00: Not by Reason Alone
September/October 2000 Michael Dertouzos • The People’s Computer Not by Reason Alone In a recent Wired magazine article

ZDNet: Printer Friendly - Rage Against The Machine,6061,2628553-35,00.html

HotWired: Unabomber's Manifesto: Index
Wired News Wired Magazine The Unabomber's Manifesto

Hans Moravec home page
Hans Moravec Mobile Robots since 1963 Hans Moravec Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA

Peek at new book: ROBOT by Hans Moravec
Preview of a new book by Hans Moravec Current readers may wish to visit the book supplement instead. mere machine to transcendent mind Available now

Background 2: Accidents, Malice, Progress, and Other Topics
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The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil
The Age of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil

The Kurzweil Companies

Social Life of Information Home Page
Informative site for new book on cyberspace [March 2000]

Foresight Institute
preparing for nanotechnology

Can Robots Rule the World? Not Yet

Computer power is rapidly turning science fiction into science fact, but some US experts are voicing concerns, the BBC's Peter Day reports. : WNT: What if Machines Get Too Smart?
- Here at the start of the new millennium, technology seems poised both to extend human life and to enrich it in ways we can now only imagine.

Privacy's Yin and Yang
Wired Magazine,1282,37610,00.html

Promise and peril of technology:
Promise and peril of technology: Between innovation and annihilation Page 1 In a recent Wired Magazine story , SunMicrosystems co-founder BillJoy urge

The future is already written
The future is already written Inventor`s technology predictions are out there -- or are they? By Karen Thomas , USA TODAY Words and music : Ray Kurzweil

Bill Joy, Killjoy? by Robert Wright
The Earthling in Slate: This week I was fast-forwarding through my daily tapings of the Charlie Rose show when I saw a guy who looked like the grim reaper.

The Future Needs Us: A Rejoinder to Bill Joy - Terry van der Werff - Global Future Global Future Report™ March 14th, 2000 Dr. Terry van der Werff, CMC Speaker Consultant

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