February 03, 2003

Appendices by Chapter: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Our Crystal Ball: Long-term Effects of the Laptop Program

Survey sent to students:

Dear Laptop Student,

The following is a survey being conducted for a research study by Dr Christine Boese’s English 102 class.  By completing this survey you will be aiding the research that will be presented to the Stakeholders of the Pilot Laptop Program, and possibly ensuring its longevity.  You DO NOT have to complete the following survey.  However, if you do choose to participate, you will be giving your permission to be included in the survey by replying to this email.  If you do not want to be included DO NOT reply.

Answer the following as concisely as possible:

How effective do you feel your participation in the laptop program will be in getting you a better job?

What changes would you make for the future of the laptop program? 

Should there be a Laptop Program in 20 years?

What challenges does the program face?

Thanks for your participation

Survey sent to businesspeople:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing you this letter on behalf of my English 102 class. We are conducting a research project, in hopes of answering the question, "What effects if any has the Clemson Laptop Program had on students and teachers in the AAH and CES colleges." My specific group is in charge of investigating the long-term effects of such a program, its benefits and costs. Below are a few questions that I would appreciate you taking the time to answer, if you reply to this message you are giving me permission to include this data in my research report when it is published.

The laptop program allows the students to become familiar with word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets, and other software often used by businesses. Do you think this is advantageous?

The program gives the students a familiarity with laptop units. Do you see this as an advantage?

The program costs about $2500 for the initial start-up and approximately, $200 dollars a year for the students to keep up with the ever change technology. Is this cost to the students justified by the benefits?

The capital investment for the college, to wire its classrooms and supply teachers with the technology and training needed, is approximately $30,000 a year for staff members to run the program; $23,000 to equip one moderate size laptop class room, $40,000 for program costs such as spare parts, loaner machines, and software for 48-50 students. The costs come to roughly $100,000 for running the program for one year for 48-50 students. Remembering that some of these funds come from your tax money, state supported school, are the costs wore the benefits?

Some critics state that the expanded use of e-mail and other forms of digital and electronic communication, are weakening the personal skills of students, and making it hard for them to communicate face-to-face with people. Do you see this as a real concern?

Are there any benefits or costs of such a program that you feel are note worthy?

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