February 03, 2003

Appendices by Chapter: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Conducting Cost/Benefits Analyses: Short-term Effects of the Laptop Program

Short Term Benefits of the Laptop Program Survey

Are you in favor of smaller class sizes and concentrated learning environments?

Do you believe that more integration of technology in the classroom would benefit students in their effectiveness in finding and holding a job after their education?

Do you believe there is a definite advantage in having a portable computer?

Do you think that laptops in the classroom would enhance the effectiveness of the teacherís pedagogy?

Would you enjoy a special support desk to solve technical problems and provide loaner laptops?

Do you believe that working online while in class could become a significant distraction to ones learning?

Do you think that innovations with technology in class can successfully replace traditional teaching methods?

Does the cost of a laptop computer balance the benefits of having a personal portable pc?

What would you estimate a top of the line laptop would cost?

Do you feel that almost 500 thousand dollars is too much money to be spent on a program with under 200 students?

Should faculty members be paid extra to teach laptop sections? If so, how much?

After the innovation grant ends, (after this year), who should make up the difference in funding?

With such a high cost to the University, what do you see as the benefits being? Do these benefits justify the costs of the program.

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