February 03, 2003

Appendices by Chapter: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Teaching Tech and Loving Learning: Theory and Practice in the Clemson University Laptop Program The Survey


Subjects: AAH Laptop Faculty

Burns, James

Kanet, Priscilla

Mack, Pamela

Stasiukaitis, Beth

Weaver, Barbara

Burns, James

The following attachment is a survey. As a member of Dr Christine Boese's English 102 class, I'm undergoing a research study about the Pilot Laptop Program to ensure its longevity. By completing this survey you'll be aiding the research that will be presented to the Stakeholders. You do not have to complete the following survey, however, if you do you will be giving your permission to be included in the survey for this grand project. Your help will be a great assistance.


Christa Benton


If you are willing to aid our class in this project, could you please email the completed survey to me by Oct.20 @ 5:00.

Please answer the following questions concisely as possible.

What attracted you into joining the Laptop Program?

What advantages do you see in the Laptop Program?

What problems have you found in the Laptop Program?

Do you find the Laptop Programís teaching methods to be a challenge prior to the traditional methods used before?

Do you think that the role of the teacher will permanently change from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side in the years to come?

Thank You. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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