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Through our class work we've tried to bring you a site which is beneficial. When it first started out, its goal was not quite certain, but as we progressed through the process of designing the site, we developed a focus and arrived at the final product that you see here. Unfortunately, nothing is ever done, and we are always looking for feedback into our site and what we can do to make it easier to use and more efficient for you, the user Please, feel free to e-mail us your questions, concerns, and ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Justin Perdelwitz
Chris Kuhlman
Adam Weeks
Nick Toepfer
Jeromie Rand
Jen Pappas
Matt Brunson
Joel Simoneau
John Kivus
Ama Wertz



Project Site, Honors Composition 102, Fall 1999

Project Site 2, Composition 102, Spring 2000

1999-2000 Clemson University First Year Composition
Dr. Christine Boese, assistant professor




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