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  The Internet is full of free information, opportunities, and benefits.  However, it is often hard to get through all of the muck that is out there and find what you actually need and what you could actually use.  We have searched through the muck to bring you a list of sites that offer helpful resources. 

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If there's information out there, how do I find what I want?
Want to enjoy the benefits of free email?
Do you want to put something on the "Net" for others to see, too?
Need a place to eat or stay?
Don't know where to start?
Want more resources?
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  If there's information out there,
   how do I find what I want???

Search engines are tools on the Internet that allow you to search through the information out there and find what you want.

For instructions on how to use a search engine, click here
If you know how to use a search engine, simply click on the link

Yahoo - easy to follow and accurate results
Alta Vista - finds pages that contain the word you type in
Lycos - good if trying to locate hard to find information
Webcrawler - good for a narrow or limited topic
Ask Jeeves - let's you ask a question the way you'd ask it
                       in the real world
Northern Light - combines web results with premium 
                        information from 5,400 books, magazines, 
                        databases, and newswires not available 
                        from any other search engines


Netscape Search
Look Smart

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Want to enjoy the benefits of
    free email???

Believe it or not, there are actually sites on the Internet that offer free services.  You don't have to enter any personal information about yourself and can still get an email account without ever paying anything.

For instructions on how to use these sites, click here
Otherwise, click on the link. 

Hotmail - the most popular to use, owned by Microsoft
Yahoo - easy to use, receive free online subscriptions
Animal House - good email service.  Go to  the menu on
                       the left and click "email"

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Do you want to put something on the "Net" for others to see, too? 

Yes, you can post almost anything you want on the
Internet for free for everybody to look at for free.  Like email, this is another example of one of the free services the Internet offers.

To learn how to do this, click here
Otherwise, click on the link

Geocitites - offers tech support, and there are a lot of 
                 people on the web who know more about them
Tripod - easy step-by-step process to help beginners 
            create a homepage
1 Chat Boulevard

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Need a place to eat or stay??? 

This page contains links to shelters & soup kitchens, news articles & helpful tips, veteran resources, online games, and more!  It was written by a former homeless person who knows what resources are actually helpful and which ones aren't.  Simply click on the following link, scroll down the page (when it comes up), and click on the information you wish to see. 

Tedrico's Page: Homelessness, Hitchhiking, and Homeless Programs! 

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Don't know where to start???

Are you without a home or soon to be without a home?  Well, this page offers clear instructions on how to prevent, prepare, and change this type of situation. 

National Coalition for the Homeless: If You Are Homeless or May Become Homeless 

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Want more resources??? 

The following sites contain links to many other
organizations that are out there on the Internet in order to help the 100 million people out there fighting against poverty and persecution. 

Global Homeless Network

International HOMELESS Discussion List, Archives, and Weblinks

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