Frequently Asked Questions
(Otherwise known as FAQ)

  What is the Internet?
The internet is a global system of computers that are all linked together through phone lines and such.  This allows all of these computers to share data with one another.

How do I go from one page/site to another?
There are a couple of ways, actually.  One is to click on links, which are usually represented by buttons or highlighted text.  Another is to type in the URL, if you know it.  (See the next question if you don't know what this means.)  Just type it in in the box at the top of your screen, and it will take you directly to that site.

What is a URL?
URL stands for Universal Resource Locator, but you don't need to know that.  It's just the address of a particular web page.  You can look up at the top of your browser and see the address of this page right now.  If you know the URL of a page, you can go directly to that page from anywhere on the Net.

What is a link and how do I use it?
A link is just something in a page that will make you jump directly to another page.  They usuallys how up in the form of different colored text, often underlined.  They can also be buttons or pictures.   Simply click on them with your mouse to go to the page they "link" to.  If there isn't a page that links back to where you came from and you want to go back, you can use you browser's back feature.  There should be an icon at the top of your screen that says back.  Just click on that.  If you're using an older browser that doesn't have that, right click anywhere on page besides a link or a picture and select back from the list that comes up.

How do I find information on the Net?
To find information on the Net, one generally uses a search engine.  All this is is a site that has a program to look up information for you.  You type in a few words, it gives you a list of web sites that it thinks are relevant to what you typed in. Click here for more on search engines.

What kind of free stuff is out there?
Tons!  Email, homepages, and other free stuff is all over the Net.  Click this link to our resources section to see what might interest you.


Project Site, Honors Composition 102, Fall 1999

Project Site 2, Composition 102, Spring 2000

1999-2000 Clemson University First Year Composition
Dr. Christine Boese, assistant professor




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